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Enjoy the Good Moments if You Want Work Life Balance

It may not be possible to divide your time evenly between home and work but you can balance better if you learn to enjoy the good moments. So often when we are at work we feel guilty because we are not at home. Then, when we are at home or we take time away from work for our family, we feel guilty for taking time off from work. What if instead, we enjoyed work when we are at work and enjoy home when we are at home?


Go to Work and Enjoy It, Let the Guilt Go



If you are a woman who works outside the home, guilt is often a constant companion. When you are at work you think about the things you need to do at home, the family events you are missing and if your family would be better off with you at home full-time. For some, the guilt is a constant nagging presence that never seems to go away. For others, the guilt is only noticeable when going to work means that a child’s school play is missed or dinner is served without mom being at the table. No matter which type of guilt you feel, let it go.

When you are at work, you will experience good things. There will be projects that are pulled off successfully. There will be raises, promotions and celebrations at work. Those are good things. Those are things you will want to celebrate and enjoy. Do it and don’t feel bad about it. Go to work, enjoy it and just let the guilt go.



When You Go Home, Enjoy It, Let the Guilt Go


If you are a working woman with a family, guilt is often a constant companion. When you are at home you remember that your team is at work on overtime duty to finish a project and you feel guilty. When you leave work early to attend a school play or a spring choral concert, you feel guilty. You feel guilty because your absence means one of your co-workers has to do extra work. When you go home to have dinner with family you feel guilty because you left stacks of work in your office that urgently need to be finished. No matter why you feel guilty, when you are home with your family. take time to enjoy the moments, let the guilt go.

When you are at home enjoy your family. Laugh at your children’s jokes during dinner, help your husband cheat the children at board games, hide from your family and enjoy a luxurious bubble bath. While you do all these things, enjoy them, push any thoughts of work out of your mind. There is a popular saying, “take time to smell the roses.” When you are at home do that, take time to smell your home, to sniff your children, to remember how delicious your husband’s cologne smells. Go home, enjoy it and just let the guilt go.



It is often said that a man works from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done. When you are at work, don’t just work, do excellent work. When you are at home, don’t just be at home, be present and enjoy your home. Guilt has no good place in a working woman’s life, let the guilt go, find your happy place and enjoy life, no matter where you find yourself.

It is fantastic to balance work and home better when you learn to enjoy the good moments. So, the question for you is, do you take time to enjoy the good moments at work and home?

Janeane Davis

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