entrepreneur take a stand
If you are an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to stand strong and take a stand. Entrepreneurs are concerned about profits, business continuity and customer services. Sometimes they forget they are people who also need to be concerned with current events, politics and race relations.

Entrepreneur, remember – “No man is an island entire to itself.” John Donne

Each day the world is full of news stories about evil people doing evil things. When the news reports come on, entrepreneurs watch them, shake their heads and then go back to their cups of coffee, smart phone apps, client reports and profit-making the activities. Often entrepreneurs look at events on the news as if they mean nothing to them. They act as if the news and horrible events going on in the world have nothing to do with them and their business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter what your industry, no matter what you sell. If you are an entrepreneur the mass shootings at churches, the race riots across the country, police shootings and refugee crises around the world all have something to do with you if you are an entrepreneur.

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One thing that entrepreneurs often forget is that before they were business owners, employees and leaders of industry, they were people. People have feelings. People notice what is wrong with the world. People are hurt by senseless violence. People are saddened by needless death. People are saddened by children hurting and dying in the street. People have emotions. One of the best things an entrepreneur can do is to remember she is a person.

Not only are entrepreneurs people, their employees, clients and competitors are people as well. When things happen in the world, employees come to work with those things are on their minds. When there is a senseless mass shooting in one area of the country, clients come to business appointments with that on their minds. When a race riot happens in America, your competitors are dealing with it at their offices. As an entrepreneur you cannot ignore the outside world. You cannot pretend that the bad things in the world are not happening around you or that they do not matter. They do matter and they do matter to your business.

Entrepreneur you need to know – “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

If you are an entrepreneur, be brave, stand tall and take a stand when it comes to events in the news. It is easy to sit back, ignore things and let them continue to happen and pass by without a reaction of any kind. Eventually, there will come an issue that makes you say, “Yes, I am an entrepreneur and my business is important to me, but I have to voice my opinion about this.” Not every entrepreneur could or should hold press conferences to discuss every event that happens around the world. But, every entrepreneur can find ways to share their feeling about outrageous things going on in the world. Some of those feelings will be shared with the world, others will be kept quiet and only will not. When things are occurring are particularly scary or stressful, do not ignore them at work. Instead, take the time to talk about them with your employees. Give them time to express their fear, hurt and hopes for the future.

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