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Entrepreneur First Inspire Yourself Then Inspire Your Team — 15 Comments

  1. Great advice. Getting your team to believe in your business is a great place to start.

  2. Sounds like some sound advice for leaders of business. As a free lancer, I am the one man show but sometimes I get some help from my husband.

  3. Agree that inspiring your team is so important to keep everyone wanting to do their best. And to do that you have to make yourself inspired!

  4. These are all excellent points. You can’t inspire anyone else if you are dreading something or not enthusiastic about it!

  5. It is important to inspire your team to do their best. Lead by example and try to always have a positive attitude.

  6. I have had great supervisors in the work field. It is important to keep your team inspired so you get the best work out of them.

  7. I think it’s great to be an inspiration! That’s what makes things better. When a team thinks you’re an inspiration, they’re going to learn so much more. It’s great to have someone to look up to.

  8. This is really good advice. Working with a team that’s driven and inspired makes the company work so much better.

  9. There is nothing easy about being and entrepreneur! Having/being a great leader is key to success – great read!

  10. It’s really difficult to be on a team with a leader who isn’t very inspiring. It’s hard to accomplish anything! I think being an inspiring person translates so well to every facet of life, not just business. 🙂

  11. Great way to think! This not only works with a team, but in life as well.

  12. I seriously love that motto and I may just have to steal it LOL. You need to be motivated yourself before you can start motivating others. You need that passion and that fire so that you can show others that passion and fire.

  13. Being an inspiration is always the best way to run a team. Trying to cajole them or make yourself look superior never works.

  14. Being an inspiration to your team is smart. They will want to follow in your footsteps.

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