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  1. I agree with you. After all, life is always a struggle. So you might as well struggle towards your dream.

  2. I have seen some people try to start a business and not get too far because they didn’t have a very good business plan. I think it comes down to as some of the comments above said, keep your eye on the prize and you can do anything. It’s a struggle, but if you want it, you can achieve it.

  3. VERY good concept! It’s so easy to get side tracked when you first start out, even a while after you’ve started… but keeping focus is a necessity. And I love your SMART plan. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound plans are very much needed.

  4. You are so right about having a plan. I alway believe if you fail to have a plan then plan to fail. Thanks of the daily inspiration!

  5. The most important thing is to have a plan for sure. And follow it. Stay focused.

  6. such a great reminder. I try to stay focused most of the time but life gets in the way unfortunately :/

  7. That quote really summed it up! That’s something entrepreneurs need to have on their mirrors in the morning.

  8. Such a great point. I used to struggle with watching the competition and wishing I could be where they are. Now I just focus on my own plan.

  9. I am, but life also gets in the way. I make monthly goals and then put all the steps to get there on a calendar. I’m moving… just not as fast as I would like.

  10. I think most of the time I’m focused. I think I’ve made my mission too big for the time I have in a day though.

  11. I think owning your own business is such a liberating thing. It’s stressful but a great way to work.

  12. i never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. Thanks for the boost of confidence

  13. This post speaks to where I am at right now. I have my plan, getting ready to take a few days to put it into action.

  14. This is really great to think about! I agree completely, always keep your focus and go for what you know and believe in within your reach!

  15. Having a plan is vital for success. When I was working on my MBA we had to make plans for our plan!

  16. I like the comparison to driving that you offered. This was a great/motivating even, read!

  17. I agree with your reasoning. For me, if I shoot for the stars, I want the stars. I do not want the moon. I like to plan and take the steps so I can reach what I want rather than settling for what I get.

  18. It’s important to stick to what you know and keep your goals achievable. I know they say to shoot for the stars and you might catch the moon, but usually what happens is you shoot for the stars and totally miss the mark. Short steps are what get you to the stars.

  19. I have to set goals – a lot! And get focused. I pray a lot for help to focus on the day at hand. It’s easy to get distracted – especially when you work from home!!

  20. So easy to get distracted and find other short term goals. Tough to always stay focused

  21. This is great food for thought. It’s always a good idea to step back and think about where we are going.

  22. This certainly rings true for me. Whenever I start to divert I go back to my plan and to keep my focus!

  23. I need to create a business plan. I just started a business and need to complete a plan and path to follow.

  24. One of the worst thing an entrepreneur can do is branch off into something that they have no experience in. You’ve got to stick to what you know or what beneficial things you can learn.

  25. Clint Eastwood said it best. A man’s got to know his limitations. A woman does, too, but I wanted to keep the quote intact. It’s a great line.

  26. Great post! I am not staying focused, sadly. Mostly because life has been so crazy, but I need to refocus now!

  27. I have to admit, something happened this weekend that had me put my work plan into perspective. I feel as if I am now on the right path again, and hope to stay focused.

  28. I have recently been trying to buckle down and really work on what I want through my blog. I’m focusing more on my goals!

  29. Having a business plan is a great idea. Just keep on plugging away!

  30. I’ve been working on my business, one small step a day! Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. ♪ with my mind on my mission and my mission on my mind ♪ Memorable advice!

  32. Being a mom of little ones, wife, teacher, blogger I have lots of missions, I’m a big to-do list gal, and some days things get done, other days not so much, but I try not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy life.

  33. I think I need to remind myself of my plan more often. There are days (weeks, even) that I can get sidetracked and forget about the mission in place.

  34. I think I have a plan, but it’s easy for me to get off track sometimes.

  35. That’s so true: on order to be successful as a business woman, I must think about my mission every day! Thanks for the encouraging words of wisdom!

  36. I have a plan, it is just hard to find time to implement it. Never enough time!

  37. Because I have a few businesses, I have a few business plans. I find it extremely helpful and keeps me focused.

  38. Some days, I feel completely focused and on the right track. Other days, there is so much other things going on in my life (and in my mind) that I feel completely off track. That’s why I write down EVERYTHING!!

  39. Great advice for all of us out there. Thanks for the reminders.

  40. Thanks for the reminder! I know if I want to take my blog up a level, I need to do this.

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