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Entrepreneurs – Here Are 10 Great Lines from Michelle Obama at the DNC — 19 Comments

  1. It was such an inspirational speech. I love the way you took her points and applied them to business. Very clever.

  2. Excellent piece, it would be nice if everyone could just find some good in everything and not always look for the bad. There is always something we can take away from every situation that is good. I would love to see our country come together again and stop all the fighting and name calling. Sorry to get off track…loved this.

  3. I truly appreciated how you were able to skillfully extract lessons from the First Lady’s speech and translate them into business points. I do not enjoy dialogue that gets political and mean, but I did enjoy your writing and insights. Thank you. You gave me much to think on with your encouraging words.

  4. I didn’t watch the coverage but like all of these quotes. Thanks for highlighting some of the things I needed to read.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Michelle Obama is so talented and she’s such an amazing speaker.

  6. Our words and actions matter. I like that part. I didn’t watch the speech but I hear it was a good one.

  7. Of course, one can always take the positive out of quotes, life lessons, & philosophies. Anytime we can learn from our own experiences, or others’ experiences, we grow & gain in knowledge.

  8. Love her quote about how we should never stop learning. I am a firm believer that you can learn something new everyday – it’s all about opening your mind and listening to others.

  9. This was an amazing speech. She is a talented speaker. It is great to have a wonderful role model for our kids.

  10. Thanks for sharing I am glad you were able to take something away from the speech that left us learning something more and feeling amazing. Appreciate it.

  11. Sounds like she had a lot of great things to say. I’m glad you provided a recap since I missed the actual speech.

  12. She was amazing, wasn’t she. So full of grace! Thanks for putting these all down in this post to read

  13. I missed the speech (kind of n purpose). I am trying to stay on the positive side of politics and that is SOOO not easy to do. I am sure both sides have something good to contribute though.

  14. She is such an excellent speaker. The thing about her speeches that I love is that they’re always substantive. There’s not a lot of fluff going on there.

  15. I didn’t watch it, but I heard she knocked it out of the park.

  16. She knocked it out of the park with this speech! I think despite your political affiliation everyone can take something great from her words and apply it to themselves.

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