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Entrepreneurs – Be Thankful For Your Business, You Make America Great

It is thrilling to realize that entrepreneurs, are part of what makes America great.I like being an entrepreneur. Even though my business enterprise currently consists of just one employee and two volunteers, it is a business enterprise and it is mine. Because I am a small business owner, I know that I am part of the American dream, what makes our country the wonderful place it is. In America a woman go from being the eldest of six children in a home with divorced parents, to become a married mother of four living on the historic Main Line outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania owning her own business enterprise.

Entrepreneurs embody what is good about America. In America a person can start with nothing and rise to the greatest heights available. Entrepreneurs have that same opportunity with their businesses. A woman can start a business on her dining room table with her cell phone and laptop, then after a few years that business can grow so that a woman can work out of her indoor porch with a couple of employees. After a few more years have passed, that woman now has commercial offices and a staff of more than ten. That is the American dream in action. It is a beautiful thing. It is not something that is available for only one group of people or open to only one type of entrepreneur. This type of growth ad opportunity is available to everyone in America. It is precisely this type of opportunity that makes America great. It is a reason to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in America and in all of us.


As an entrepreneur, you provide jobs. If you are the sole employee you provide a job for yourself. In addition, you help the economy because you use phone service, internet, office supplies, carfare for meetings, clothing and all those types of things. Entrepreneurs contribute to the national economy. Once an entrepreneur grows and provides jobs for others, the contributions to the economy become greater, exponentially so. It is important for entrepreneurs to enjoy the fact that they contribute to the making the American dream a reality for themselves, their employees, their customers and all those they come in contact with in the course of business operations. America is great because we can all work together to make the world a better place. As an entrepreneur, evaluate and celebrate your contribution.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to realize that as an entrepreneur, you are part of what makes America great. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, what is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?