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Every Powerful Classic Was Once an Impertinent Upstart



Years ago when I took  my first computer programming class I learned the phrase, “Garbage In Garbage Out also known as GIGO.” The idea was that if you put bad stuff in your computer program you would get bad results out. The instructor spent a great deal of time stressing that we had to be careful about the code we entered into our computer programs. It was important for us to check, re-check and then check again the work we were doing. In that class we learned that the work we did would be viewed by others so what we did mattered. When it comes to the art you create it is important for you to remember the phrase “GIGO.” When you remember it, you will put in good work and give your best efforts because you will want to get good results and create good pieces of art. When you want to create art that will stand the test of time, start by creating a quality product. No amount of marketing hides a poor quality product.  You must do good work if you want good results.

If it is your desire to create art that will stand the test of time, you must begin with the end in mind. If you want to create something that will be an appreciated classic one day in the future,  create something worth remembering. Whatever your method of artistic expression, give it your best efforts and create something that is worth being saved, remembered and treasured. Think about who you are creating your art for, who is your audience. Whoever that audience is deserves your best efforts, your best art. Give that art, give those best efforts. If you begin your creation thinking that you want to create something great that will stand the test of time and work diligently toward that goal, you will reach it.

Keep in mind, none of this is advising you to change who you are as an artist. None of this is asking you to lower, change or modify your means of artistic expression. You create art in a way that is unique to you. Just as there is a lid for every pot, there is an audience for each type of artistic expression. Create your art and do the best you can at your creative efforts, your audience will appreciate it and you will be proud to have your name attached to it.

As you create your art, think about your purpose. Why are you creating what you create? Your art expressing something. Do you know what that is? When your audience sees your art, is your purpose and message identifiable. Does the audience see and understand your intended message or are they seeing something else? If the message they see is not the message you intend, how will you fix that? What will you do to make sure your art is understood as you would like it to be? What message are you trying to send? What do you want to bring attention to? While you are creating your art, keep your purpose in mind and be sure your creation does not stray from your purpose.  Be true to yourself, true to your audience and true to your art. Create art that is worthy of your audience’s attention and they will remember it, share it and treasure it.



When it comes to creating art, always give your best efforts. After all, there is a difference between creating garbage, a project for quick cash now and a piece of art destined to become a treasured classic. Which one your creation becomes is all up to you. You, your audience and the future deserve no less than your absolute best efforts. So, the question for you this sensational day is, what is the next thing you will create?

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