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“Evil” by Langston Hughes and Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Today we are talking about the Langston Hughes poem, “Evil”   and lessons it has for entrepreneurs.


This poem has a few lessons for entrepreneurs, about the importance of good customer service and the dangers that can arise when you are unable to look at things from another person’s point of view.

Here are the words to the poem for you to review:


Evil by Langston Hughes


Looks like what drives me crazy

Don’t have no effect on you –

But I’m gonna keep on at it

Till it drives you crazy, too.



Entrepreneurs should pay attention to this poem because of what it tells us about customer service.  The first two lines of the poem set a common scene. One person is extremely upset about something that doesn’t matter at all to another person.  This is dangerous when it comes to customers and your company employees. Many companies have experienced a customer complain about something that:

  • Wasn’t the company’s fault
  • Was misunderstood  by customer
  • Was not worth complaining about
  • The customer was completely wrong about


In each of these cases, the what drove the customer crazy is simply not important to the company employees. If employees make it clear to customers that they do not care about the customer’s concerns problems will develop.  An angry customer is a dangerous person. Today, customers have access to the internet, social media and can communicate their dissatisfaction quickly and spread their complaints all over the world in mere moments.  This means that if something is driving your customers crazy, it has to have an effect on you so that you can do something to resolve the problems.

In conclusion, the poem, Evil by Langston Hughes is a good one for entrepreneurs to check out because it gives a good look at the need for good customer service in your business.


What is the last thing you suggested a fellow entrepreneur check out?

Janeane Davis

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