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Fall In Love With Your Business Again – Create a Winning Team




It  is fantastic to fall in love with your business again by creating a winning team to make it happen. Sometimes a business owner looks at the business she worked so hard to create and she is filled with sadness and disappointment. The business she created no longer exists. The culture is distasteful and coming to  work brings tension and anxiety. That business owner needs to take action now and build a team that will help her make her business what she wants it to be once again.

When a business owner has employees, partners and others working with her, she cannot and should not be doing it all alone. Instead she should take steps to gather those around her to be a team, a cohesive unit that will help her accomplish her mission. The crucial question then becomes how does one go about building a team. The following are a list if the minimal roles team members are needed to fill:

  • Lookout
  • Side partner
  • Rear guard




The lookout is the team member responsible for looking ahead and navigating the path to be travelled. It is crucial that the person charged with the responsibility of being the lookout must be given a clear understanding of the business’ mission. This means the business needs to have a complete and updated business plan for the loockout to follow.  The business owner must provide the direction and plan the lookout needs in order navigate.

Side guard

The side guard is the team member responsible for walking beside the business owner to make sure she follows the path set by the lookout. The side partner makes sure that the business partner does not stray too far from mission. This is important because the mission will not be completed successfully and efficiently if the business owner is not diligent about sticking to the mission described in the business plan.

Rear Guard

The rear guard is the team member responsible for looking behind the business owner for threats that may occur. The rear guard is important because she  look around for dangers and threats the business owner may not see coming. Additionally, the rear guard sees where the entrepreneur has fallen short on the journey and can guide the entrepreneur back to the mission at hand.



In conclusion, it is fantastic to fall in love with your business again by creating a winning team to make it happen. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what steps are you taking to build a team that will help you love your business like never before?

Janeane Davis

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  • I really like to team up with other bloggers and help each other out! Thanks for great ideas!

  • The most successful thing I have done recently is move from Blogger to WP. It has truly helped me fall in love with blogging all over again.

  • This is a very interesting article! Thanks for the ideas!

  • Good ideas. I am on my own but find the idea interesting.

  • Right now the team is just me! Someday I may get a co-blogger to help me!

  • I am really starting to want a team actually. I decided to add my hubby and my sister as contributors but I will be the one entering (typing) up the posts... so not sure how that will help much.

  • You Need Team Work For Anything To Succeed I Think If You Don't Work Together You Have Nothing!

  • I have to say, I have an awesome team - my husband and daughter - who work on my blog with me. :) I am pretty lucky!

  • I think having a great time is highly important. A good team brings different perspectives and ends up making the project work better!

  • This is the one thing I miss about my old job (before I went self-employed) – my team! A strong team makes you feel like you can conquer any project. Right now my team consists of my 4yo and 1yo, so they're not the most productive. :)

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