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Family Fun With the Harlem Globetrotters — 28 Comments

  1. The Globetrotters always put on a good show. I haven’t seen them in a while. Hope to catch one of their shows this year.

  2. I like taking my kids to see stuff like this will have to go and see them win the Globetrotters come to South Carolina.

  3. I have yet to see them perform and they were just here and I missed out on seeing them.

  4. We love their shows – they are extremely entertaining. I took my kids and now I am taking my grandkids. Their shows only get better and better!

  5. I saw the Harlem Globetrotters with my Gram when I was a little girl. I would love to take my kids to see them but we are out of town when they are in my city.

  6. My oldest son went to see them quite a few years ago, before he had siblings that could go, too, and had a great time. I’d love to take all my kids this time.

  7. We finally saw them when they were in town here last year. It was everyone in the house’s first time going and we just had a wonderful time. What a great show they put on!

  8. We are hoping to go when they are in Denver! I think my son would love it!

  9. My husband and daughter love them! We have seen the Harlem Globetrotters a few times now and loved it.

  10. I have never seen the Harlem Globe Trotters but they look like a fun family event! I can’t believe they are still around!

  11. They always put on such a cool show. They can really impress both kids and adults!

  12. We took the kids to a Globetrotter game a couple of years ago. They loved it!

  13. I have been lucky enough to be able to get to go see them this year. I have always heard that they are so much fun to go and see live.

  14. I have never been to a performance but think it would be a hoot to watch. I remember as a kids seeing them on TV.

  15. I wouldn’t be picky at all! Seeing the Globetrotters is such a cool bucket list idea! I know our whole family would get into it!

  16. Wow.. It’s been a while since I heard about the harlem Glob Trotters . Then again I don’t follow Sports that much so thanks for sharing

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