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The Family that Works Together Stays Together




You can find serenity in having your children join the family business. While I have never been a traditional mommy blogger, I have always been proud to be a wife and mother who blogs. My children have always suggested article topics, sponsored posts to accept and design themes for the blog.  A few months ago, my son Peyton  joined the team at Janeane’s World  and started giving all kinds of suggestions for improving engagement and helping readers. In exchange for his assistance, he earns 10% of whatever is earned here. His younger sisters not to be outdone, decided they wanted to join the team as well.  My daughter Zahirah is now a photographer for Janeane’s World. Her twin Camille,  joined the team as our official Cuteness Ambassador. Currently, the twins are satisfied with a salary of $1.00 per month. Last but not least, my eldest daughter Euphoria who blogs at Black Girl Brown Sugar agreed to consult and guest post from time to time.  She has not asked for a salary. Perhaps the tuition we will be paying for the next four years to Spelman College caused her to show us mercy in the salary department.

It is a great thing to have your children join your business. Even if your children are young, it is a good idea to find a way to give them a role in your business. When your children know what your business is and feel a part of it, they are more likely to appreciate the work you do. In addition, when they feel that your business is indeed the family business, they are more likely to want the business to succeed. They are less likely to resent the time you spend at the business when they have a share of the profits. It was amazing to me how quickly my children warmed to the idea of getting a paycheck from my business. My son, negotiated earning a portion of income from my book sales as well. I am on schedule to publish a new e-book on the 15th of each month for the foreseeable future, so the future looks bright for him.  The twins had a conversation, and added up their potential earnings and a savings plan for the money.  It was a great lesson in math, planning and the need for hard work.


This is an excerpt of my new About Us page where my children’s contribution to the blog are highlighted for all the world to see just how important they are to the enterprise.

Euphoria Davis of Black Girl Brown Sugar has joined the Janeane’s World team as a consultant. She has a unique sense of socio-economic and women’s issues that deserves attention




Peyton Davis  joined the team as Creative Director. In that capacity, he helps dreams up the promotions, public relations and reader outreach for Janeane’s World.







Our staff photographer has a good eye for setting a scene and capturing the essence of the moment. Please meet Ms. Zahirah Davis.







Camille Davis is the Cuteness Ambassador for Janeane’s world. In that position, she helps determine the look and feel of the site. If you see something that is visually appealing, chances are Camille helped select the idea.





It doesn’t matter what your family business makes for sells. Find a way to involve your children. If you have a law firm or a medical practice, your children can help order supplies for the office, talk about new ways to attract business of help you find interesting industry  articles to read. If your business is plumbing, your children can accompany you to places like Home Depot to check out the types of supplies used for your work.  It is not important to have your children come to your place of business. In fact, children are out-of-place at many workplaces.  The important thing is to find a way to make your children feel they are an important part of what is going on with your business.

In conclusion, you can find serenity in having your children join the family business. So, the question for you this serene day is, how can you involve your children in your family business?