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All Play and No Work Makes You Broke

It is fantastic to balance work and play so you are not a broke girl. Today we will be looking at ways to balance things because all play and no work make you broke! 

A reality of modern life is that many of us have a work life and a home life and we must live in balance if we want to be successful and happy. Both work and family are important parts of our lives.  We often hear stories that warn us of the perils of all work and no play. What we do not hear enough about is that all play and work makes us broke. It is important to attend school events with our children and work events with our spouses. At the same time, we cannot ignore our professional obligations.

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It is important to arrive at work on time each day. On time means that you get to work at least 15 minutes early so that when it is time to start the day, you are actually starting work, not clocking in to work. While at work, keep personal calls, internet usage and personal conversation to a minimum.  As much as possible, handle your personal matters during your lunch hour or on breaks. By being about business when you are at your place of business you are able to do a better job. In addition behavior likes this helps you establish a reputation as a person to be respected and taken seriously in the workplace.



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At work it is important schedule your projects and assignments thoughtfully and carefully.  If there is an assignment that will require many late nights and weekends, it may not be practical for you to accept them. When accepting assignments think about the impact it will have on the free time you want for yourself and your family. Once you accept a work assignment you cannot fail to complete it because of personal obligations. It is important to take your professional obligations seriously and to remember that you need your job and don’t want to engage in behavior that will cause you to be separated from your employment. It is important to remember that work is a place for work and unless you want to be broke, when you get to work, actually do some work.

In conclusion, It is fantastic to balance work and play so you are not a broke girl. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, how do you balance work and home so do not end up broke?



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  • These are great tips! And I love what Brandi said in her comment -- establishing 'office hours' while working at home is a must!!

  • Well, since I work from home, home always seems to get the short end of the stick. One of my goals for 2013 is to set strict "office hours", so that when I'm off, I'm OFF!

    • That is always a hard one for me. When you own your own business or work at home, you have to force yourself to have office hours so your family doesn't want to scream! I am working on this one.

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