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Fantastic Friday – Faking Confidence When Speaking in Public — 10 Comments

  1. I am glad you like the Friday topics for the month. I will try that smile tip. It seems like something easy to do if I can just remember it.

  2. I am glad you liked it. You say things so beautifully in your blog, if you talked like that, you would be amazing every time.

  3. You know I like the POTUS and I am voting for him, but he could have used a little help, you are right.

  4. Thanks for sharing the practice makes perfect idea. The idea of a public speaking group sounds intriguing. You will have to share some more info on that one.

  5. I'm so glad that you'll be covering the topic of public speaking this month! This is information that I really need because I am terribly shy and reserved in public, but I hope to grow out of that and get to a place where I have high confidence in all public situations. I'll be taking notes for sure! I love the tips and advice that you give here too! Just awesome! 🙂

  6. You should have given this to the POTUS the other night. No Dem slander just real talk.

  7. One tip that I heard a while back is that the audience is there to learn from you, they want you to succeed. They are not showing up to heckle you or harm you in anyway.

    Second tip: Yes, have slides but don't have every single word you are going to say on them. I use slides and just have pictures up to help me remember what I am going to say. I really can't stand when presenters read the slide.

    Third tip: Smile a lot. It's contagious and when you see everyone else smiling back at you, you'll actually believe tip #1.

    Stellar post and I love your topic for the month on Fridays!

  8. I love to speak to groups but still get a little nervous of course…it's all energy I use to propel me forward!

    Tips: 1) Know your material (that cuts down on a lot of nervousness) 2) Have props (slides, visuals or the like) and 3) Keep the audience engaged by asking questions, etc. When you make them part of the discussion and keep the engagement interactive, it helps the speaker as well…


  9. I joined a public speaking group last January, and I have written and presented 5 speeches so far. I still get really nervous, but still continue because I know that practice makes perfect. Thank you very much for sharing these tips, and I will definitely use them. Regards, Conquering my “fear” of speaking in public.

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