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Fantastic Friday – Faking Confidence With Professional Peers — 2 Comments

  1. Glad you liked the article. I like the idea of affirmations. That is a good way to get the confidence to arrive sooner!

  2. I was going to state your #2 above, research, know the ins and outs of what you are about to do…but like you’ve also said this will help until the real deal. So you have to psych yourself out which can be done with affirmations. “You’ve GOT this!” “This is a SLAM dunk” You have to mean what you’re saying though for you to trick your brain. If you have on your big girl panties on and your fake it til you make it dress, I suggest saying these affirmations to yourself in the mirror. I would also practice tone. How you say something also says a lot. I say things all the time, jokingly, that are false, but I say it in such a way that even those that know I am a jokester, believe what I am saying. After a while though that last bit backfires, so I suggest not playing jokes. Great post as always on this fantastic Friday!

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