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Sharing Your Work/Life Balance Secrets — 9 Comments

  1. it is no secret to you that i have cut out certain household chores. cooking is one of them.

  2. It is hard to get the balance down when you work at home because there are no visual boundaries, you have to create them.

  3. Okat, so basically, I need to stop working in my bed. This is a great article, and just what I need to kickstart my new year. As always, Janeane, thank you!

  4. Joyce, I think all working mothers feel like you do. It is particularly hard to balance things when you are a work at home mom. I hope some readers with secrets share them and help out the rest of us!

  5. I wish I had a secret to share. Unfortunately, my work-life balance is all out of whack.
    So this week I’m focusing on my husband and his needs.
    I know he feels like I put him last after A.J. and my business.

  6. Thank you! I am working through the bloggy buddies list. Please give me your blog addresss here so I can go follow you immediately!

  7. Glad you agreed with what I wrote Christine, I know this is one of your areas of expertise!

  8. Hi saw you on bloggy buddies and thought I would drop over. Love your blog and now following

  9. Great post Janeane and I agree with all of your points above! Setting hours and boundaries are so critical! It also alleviates a lot of unnecessary stress when everyone knows what to expect and when.

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