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What is Your Favorite Business Activity

It is thrilling to find the fun in running a business by finding your favorite business activity and doing it well.

Owning and operating a business is called work for a reason. It is an arduous undertaking full of tasks that are not pleasant and that one would rather not do.  Every business, no matter how serious and how important the business operations are, has one thing that is enjoyable to the entrepreneur who owns it. This is good because one of the things that keep an entrepreneur going to work each day is finding something enjoyable in operating her business. In order to get through all the hard things one must do, it is nice to be able to reward one’s self with an enjoyable task.

Make a list of all the tasks that are necessary for you to do each day. On one side of the page, list all the hard tasks that you hate doing. On the other side, list the task that you enjoy doing. After this analysis in a best-case scenario, the task you enjoy will outweigh the tasks you hate. In a worst-case scenario, the number of tasks you enjoy will be dwarfed by the number of tasks you hate.


Today is a good day to look at your business operations with a clear and objective eye.


One approach to finding the fun and joy in your business again may be to divide your tasks so that after a certain number of tasks that you dislike are completed, you “reward” yourself by doing one of the tasks you enjoy. By balancing the completion of tasks you do not like with the completion of tasks you enjoy you are able to keep some enjoyment in the day. While it is true that work is, well, work, there is no reason the work has to be a horrible, mind-numbing, and heartbreaking experience. Given a choice between doing all the hard tasks one does not enjoy with no break and breaking up the tasks with one does not enjoy with more enjoyable tasks, most people would prefer the break.





Try it yourself in your business and see how it works for you. Go to work and work, do not shy away from the hard jobs, the boring jobs and the jobs you do not want to do. Instead, do the hard tasks, the tasks you do not enjoy. Throughout the workday, be sure to do some of the tasks that you do enjoy on a regular basis.  Keep in mind that your business is just that, your business. Take this opportunity to find the joy and the fun that exists in your business.



In conclusion, it is thrilling to find the fun in running a business by finding your favorite business activity and doing it well. So, the question for you this thrilling day, is what can you do to make your business enjoyable to operate?

Janeane Davis

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