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Feel Adventuresome? Back Up Your Technology and Try Something New

It is terrific to know that you can have some adventure by backing up your technology and trying something new. Our technological devices are marvels. Our laptops, tablets and smart phones enable us to have a world of information at our fingertips. In addition, our technology enables us to take amazing photos, stunning videos and amazing audio recordings. In addition, we can write masterpieces, compose sonotas, and become chess grand masters.  In other words, with our technology, we have the world of work and pleasure at our fingers tips. Many of us are under using our technology.  Instead of using all the applications and programs created to do our bidding, we stick with a few programs and applications to which we have become accustomed. Today, I am challenging you to back up your device and to try to do some old things in a new way or to try some new things.


Remember, before you start adding and subtracting programs and applications, back up your device. It is important to back up your devices so that if you do something wrong and delete a crucial component, you can restore your device to factory settings. Once you realize that software changes cannot cause permanent damage to your technology, and that your device can be reset to factory conditions, you should feel free to experiment at will! Previously, I wrote about free cloud based storage systems you each use to back up your technology. In case you missed it, check it out here. Keep in mind it is good to get into the habit of backing up your technology on a regular basis. If your device is lost, stolen or physically broken, the backup can help you stay productive with only a minimum of effort.

So, think about it, are you a blogger who wishes she did not have to be stuck at her desk to work on her blog? Try adding your blog software or a word processor to your smart phone or tablet. That way you can write ideas when they hit you: at the playground or standing in line at the supermarket. Is there a bit of Ansel Adams hidden inside you? Try out a new photo editing program and see what your inspiration creates. Have you always wanted to experiment with dictating and letting your words get turned to text for you? Get some speech recognition programs or applications and give it a whirl.


A final word of warning. You may install something that conflicts with programs or applications already on your device. If thus happens, do not despair. If you mess up, you can use your back ups to restore everything and start again. You may find that being able to restore everything after you mess it up, makes you feel better and increases your confidence.


In conclusion, it is terrific to know that  you can have some adventure by backing up your technology and trying something new. So, the question for you this terrific day is,  what new adventure are you going to have with your technology?
Janeane Davis

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  • I might try that voice recognition idea because my hands get cramped and painful now when I write. I guess they're all wimpy from typing!

    • I have tried the voice recognition a few times and I like it. I need to use that one more often myself.

  • Thanks for the tips on adding new programs and also backing up before we do :)

  • I panic if I don't feel like I have backed up enough!

    • You are more serious about it than I am, but that means you never lose things, good for you!

  • Backing up your device is a great tip, and guess what? I haven't done it! off to back up my iPad now!

    • I am glad I gave you something you could use!

  • I love new technology, but sometimes i think it's moving TOO fast... and YES.. great reminder and tip BACK up.. always a must... !!!!!!

    • I agree with you on those points. I do like technology and all my gadgets. At the same time things are moving so fast, sometimes it makes mwe think of the "Terminator" movies.

  • Today, we are using a new piece of kitchen technology for us..a digital deep fryer. So far, it is making a huge mess, and will be used outside next time! lol

  • technology and adventure aren't 2 things i'd put together- too chicken. i've had adventures with tech and they were more like a horror story LOL

  • Great tips. I definitely love trying out new technologies.

  • Haha. Technology and adventure are not a good combination! Great reminder to back up everything and often!

  • I agree, it is so very important to back up that important data and precious photos!

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