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Finances – Learn Accounting and Run Your Business Better


Talk to an accountant

Perhaps one of the best ways to learn the basic accounting your business needs is to talk with an accountant. In many areas, there are accountants who you can pay to teach you the accounting you need to run your business properly and correctly. This is money well spent and like other ways of learning the accounting you need, may be tax-deductible.

As an entrepreneur, an important part of running your business is to keep good accounting records and understand the financial condition of your company. Take action now to do this in your business. The question for you this thrilling day is, are you prepared to properly manage, record and predict the financial condition of your company?


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Debt – It Exists – Don’t Hide From It
It is fantastic to recognize that debt is real and not be afraid of it, face it head on and control it. Debt is a matter of life. It exists and for the most part like death and taxes it cannot be avoided. It is important to get a good and healthy attitude toward debt. If you have debt, admit it exists, don’t from it. After all, unless you take action now, it will not go away.

Take a look at your finances both professional and personal. If your look reveals any of the following, you have debt:

  • mortgage
  • loan payments
  • credit card bills
  • utility bills
  • association fees
  • membership dues
Now this list of items is not scary at all.
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Four Steps to Organize Your Finances
It is fantastic to know that if you organize your finances, you won’t be as nervous about your money. In almost every situation, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. When it comes to scarce resources like money, it is crucially important that you organize.

To organize your finances to get all your current financial information into one place. Locate the following:

– Bank statements (checking, savings, money market etc.)
– Receipts for major purchases
– Pay stubs and income statements (investments, stocks and similar items)
– Credit card bills and receipts
– Utility bills
– Mortgage Statements
– Loan Statements
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Time to Take Action Now To Get Good Business Finances
At the beginning of each year, people and business owners all across the world take time to assess their business’ financial condition. For some business owners, the beginning of he year is the only time financial condition is examined. If you are a business owner who only pays attention to finances at special times of the year like the beginning of the year and tax season, it is time for a change.
It is important to have a good relationship with your financial condition. Money is not a dirty word. Finance is not a dirty word. When you are an entrepreneur, you have an obligation to pay attention to the financial condition of your business. You should always be aware of the key elements that impact the financial condition of your business.
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Janeane Davis

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  • My husband took accounting in college. I don't think I could do it because I am not a numbers person LOL

  • Taking a course is a great idea! I'll admit, finances are not one of my strengths but it's so important to master!

  • The one genera of educatJon needed most and the one least taught. Our country could use a good schooling on finances

  • It's really important for any business owner to at least have a passing understanding of how basic accounting works. You need that to help you keep your bookkeeping in order.

  • Thank you so much for the great advice. We have run my Hubby's company for years and it is about time I look into take a class to better fit our accounting issues.

  • Great tips and something I absolutely need to get better at. Thanks for sharing!

  • Math is not my strong suit. So glad that my husband is on top of things with the taxes. Give me a science class any day!

  • After how much we spent on our taxes this year, I think learning about accounting is just what I have to do! Taking a few courses would be cheaper than having someone else work on our finances.

  • I was never any good in my accounting class and kick myself now for now trying harder.

  • The only company I have is my blog. I need to get better at the money I make, I am too lazy. My husband has come up with nice spreadsheets and I am too lazy to use them. Thank you reminding me the importance.

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