[Tweet “It is magnificent to find ways to motivate yourself in order to accomplish your goals.”]
The first step toward finding the motivation to get the to do list done is to find out what motivates you. You need to take the time to figure out what you want as a reward. What does it take for you to do something? What is it that makes you smile? Whatever it is that makes you smile can be used to motivate you to get through the to do list.
The following are a few motivational tools for getting through a to do list:
1.     competition – how fast can you get the work done
2.     reward – pick a small treat for yourself as a reward for getting through the list
3.     pride – concentrate on the good feeling that comes from getting a job done
4.     peer pressure – tell a friend or two that you have to get through the list and need them to push you along to get it done
5.     collective effort – gather a friend or two and help each other get through your respective to do lists
 So the question for today is what are things you can do to motivate yourself to get through the to do list?