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Find Serenity and Joy With Strong Household Traditions — 12 Comments

  1. All of these traditions are really adorable, it’s great that you and your family have these things that you always do together on a scheduled basis. Traditions are also great because they carry on from generation, so who knows, maybe your daughters will one day take their daughters out for ice cream after ever recital!

  2. We try to have some traditions here too! They mainly involve food but that is ok because my kids love them!

  3. You are so right. The traditions don’t have to be big and elaborate. They just need to be something the family enjoys doing and allow us to spend time together!

  4. We might have to start a new You Tube video tradition. I will have to try this on the weekend. My kids are going to love it.

  5. My kids would love a You Tube night. We love all the funny animal videos. We always have a big dinner on Sunday nights.

  6. We have a family game night every Saturday night. The kids get to pick the game and we always have fun. Traditions are a great way for family’s to bond.

  7. We have a few traditions we love. Every Sunday the kids help me make a big breakfast. We have been doing this for years and the kids love it.

  8. Family traditions are my favorite. We have family movie nights on Friday, doughnuts after vaccinations, and dance parties before bed. Some of my favorite memories!

  9. I think traditions are a great thing. My girls have been watching YouTube more lately. They have found some videos they really like.

  10. It is a lot of fun and something we look forward to. We do music videos so there is an excuse to sing, dance and be happy. It is FUN. Pick the kind of videos your family likes and let everyone have a chance picking out videos. You are sure to find new ones everyone loves!

  11. My kids love watching YouTube videos but I’ve never thought to make a family tradition out of it. Great idea! We could bond over shared laughs from funny videos 🙂

How do these ideas work in your world?

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