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Finding a Work-Life Balance is a Struggle — 11 Comments

  1. I am single yet sometimes I still find it hard to have a work like balance. I am trying my best to have it and of course wishing that when the time comes I got married, I will be able to practice work life balance especially when I already have kids. We should have our quality time.

  2. I was a single mom when my older kids were little. Whenever, they were sick, had dr appointments, or other important things going on, it was all on my shoulders. With companies in today’s workplace, I’m hoping more employers will see the benefits of allowing employees to work from home whenever possible. This will give moms and dads the flexibility to take care of their home life without taking time off.

  3. Yes it is not that easy to balance the work and life. I work with my blog now. so taking care of kids are also possible.

  4. Oh yes! It’s not easy at all. I think you can’t have it both at 100%. It’s always a choice!

  5. As a working mom I know how hard finding this balance can be, great tips

  6. Great tips! Especially with many of us working from home it’s so important that we maintain proper work life balance

  7. It’s actually really hard to find a work specially in this pandemic going on. I’m not finding a job just yet but finding a work at first is very hard. You need to be flexible and have lots of patience.

  8. Finding a work-life balance in real life is a constant struggle, and there is nothing like a perfect work-life balance.

  9. So so true. It’s a fact that we can’t escape. So sad.

  10. I agree. It’s maybe achievable for some but for many. I don’t think so.

  11. This is a common discussion between my husband and I. We are both hard workers and very passionate about what we do. Finding that balance is tricky and ever changing!

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