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  1. It so important that we take care of ourselves inside and out. We as women my love ourselves as we are flaws and all. Great post!

  2. I have actually been telling myself that a lot lately ever since my marriage went down the tubes. Love myself because no one can love me like me. 🙂

  3. This is great advice, but it’s easier said than done! My first instinct is to put everyone else first.

  4. Yes, it is so important to take care of yourself first. It would be so easy to slide into deep exhaustion otherwise.

  5. I am so bad at loving myself – I need to start setting time aside for myself at least for meditatiion

  6. it is harder than you think. I try every day to remember this!

  7. Some of these points are so important to me. I know that I need to love myself first. Thank you!

  8. This is such a great reminder to take care of yourself too, even though we are always thinking about the kids and husbands.

  9. I need to remember this more often. I also work at home all day and take care of the kids and have been told that I need to get out more, just recently in fact. Which I’ve been trying to do, every Friday night my guy and I just get out just to get away.

  10. It is so important to love yourself to be able to love others 100%. Sounds simple but this can be so hard for so many

  11. What a great reminder to all of us. Often times moms forget to take care of themselves but it is so important to remember.

  12. Ourselves are always the last person to be catered too! Great post!

  13. It’s such a fantastic idea but oh so hard to do! I think women should read this article every day for 30 days!

  14. Thanks for the extra dose of positivity. I know lots of people put others before themselves but self-love start will giving yourself the attention you deserve so thanks for this!

  15. One should always put themselves first when it comes to relationships. I was told that “your first love should be yourself.”

  16. I completely agree with this. You can’t fully love others until you learn to love yourself first.

  17. This is such a thought provoking post .. I agree with Robin “If you can’t love yourself , you can’t love anybody else”. It’s always beneficial to remember yourself and stay true to you .. no matter what

  18. This is so true and as a mother of a teenager, we need to remind our children as well. So many things now are based on how many likes your instagram comment got, lose your worth.

  19. It’s so important to love and take care of yourself. It’s not an easy lesson for everyone to learn though!

  20. So true. It’s like the flight attendant saying about put your own oxygen mask on before helping anyone else.

  21. This is SO important, and as a woman and a mom, I understand how easy it is to skimp out on yourself because you are so busy giving your everything to others. I make it a point every morning to get MY time in (whether it’s a good workout, run, whatever) and then in the evening we all have our own quiet time for about 20 minutes or so where we just BE.

  22. In the words of RuPaul “If you can’t love yourself how the H*LL you gonna love anyone else”

  23. This is a great post. So many people expect other people to make them feel like they are worthy. You have to have that feeling on your own. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else.

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