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Follow Up On Opportunities when On a Job Search — 25 Comments

  1. I totally agree with you! As an entrepreneur/job seeker, it is highly important for us to develop a follow-up plan. Thank you so much for sharing this info!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Following up after interview is the best way to form a relationship with future employer.

  3. Great idea, yes following up opporunities, is must. These are great tips.

  4. It is so important to stay vigilant. The go getter is the one who gets the chance!

  5. My husband does a lot of hiring and he always says how much following up makes a difference to him. I agree it’s a good idea to show you are interested and committed.

  6. I agree. I definitely followed up after a few days or a week. I think it’s a must so they’d know that you’re really interested.

  7. Lovely post. You gave some great advices here. Thanks!

  8. When my middle daughter was looking for a job, she followed up on every application she put in and got offered every single job. They all said that they were impressed with her follow up!

  9. Definitely sharing these with my kids. I have twin sons that will graduate from college in April 2021 and these are perfect reminders for them as they enter their job search

  10. I love all your points. Following up on you application shows how determined you are on getting the job

  11. That “lovely day” song is one of my favorite motivational song.

  12. Absolutely. I love all your points here. Perseverance is a great trait.

  13. Couldn’t agree more on this post. Definitely a great way to take our work seriously and this is a great reminder too. Following up is important too.

  14. This is a great reminder to follow up. It’s important to show them you’re serious about the job.

  15. This post is a great reminder. Following up is so important.

  16. As someone who used to work in the recruiting world, I 100% agree with you!

  17. This is such a great reminder. It’s always important to follow up, because you never know.

  18. Such good advice and although I work for myself I deal with a lot of clients and following up always helps land an account. I have two children and this advice is important for them as they enter the world.

  19. The squeaky wheel gets the grease is a phrase for a reason! Always follow up!

  20. It’s always key to follow up. Not just in this situation, but in a lot of adult like situations. I think people forget how important that is!

  21. I fully agree with every part of this post. I always follow up with any potential lead, even if it’s just to say that I’m not available for whatever reason. I have found that following up just to say, “I’m booked” goes a long way in forming a relationship that might bear fruit down the line.

  22. Following up is always a good idea, just not IMMEDIATELY after applying! I think giving a period of about a week is optimal!

How do these ideas work in your world?

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