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Four Reasons to Get a Loving Attitude Toward Work


It is wonderful to know there are at least four reasons to get a loving attitude toward work. Most people who work do it because they need the money they receive as payment for working. Sometimes those jobs are not fun, enjoyable or even desirable. The fact remains however that the work must be done. One will not remain employed long if one goes to work with a bad or unattractive attitude. Therefore it is important to find reasons to get a loving attitude toward work.


Here are four reasons to love work:

  • Paychecks are nice
  • Employment offers a  world of opportunity
  • Work offers a  chance for adult interaction
  • Self-pride


Paychecks are nice and you must have a good attitude in order to continue receiving them. Often in this space I remind readers that while misery loves company, no one wants to be that company. Employers are more likely to keep around and pay employees who have good attitudes than employees who have bad attitudes. This advice is also good for entrepreneurs. Clients prefer working with people who have a good attitude and appreciate their business than with entrepreneurs who do not appreciate the work they do for their clients. So, whether you are an employee of a company or an entrepreneur who runs a company, if you would like your paychecks to continue, get a loving attitude toward the work you do.

Every job offers a world of opportunities for those who are willing to seek them. Work provides employees with opportunities for advancement. If you want career advancement, even if advancement is not possible with your current employer, keep in mind it may be available elsewhere. Most upper level jobs require experience and your job gives you that experience. Often jobs have opportunities for travel, continuing education and professional development. For entrepreneurs, each client  or customer provides an opportunity for referrals and future business. Opportunity is a reason to get a loving attitude toward the work you do.

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Work provides a chance for workers to have adult interaction. This opportunity may be most appreciated by people who work at home or who have small businesses without employees. There is something wonderful and unique about interacting with other adults. Interaction makes it possible to share ideas and when ideas are shared creativity can bloom. Blooming creativity can lead to increased revenue. The chance to interact with other adults is a reason to get a loving attitude toward the work you do.

Self-pride demands that we perform at our best and that includes getting a loving attitude toward the work we do. For many people, it is important to have a sense of pride in what they do for a living. Many people not only want other to be impressed with and proud of the work they do, they want to be proud of themselves. Work, whether as an employee or as an entrepreneur, provides an opportunity to develop a healthy sense of pride in the work one does. The opportunity to do work that gives one a sense of self-pride is a reason to get a loving attitude toward work.


In conclusion, it is wonderful to know there are at least four reasons to get a loving attitude toward your work. These reasons are paychecks, opportunity, interaction and pride,  to love your work. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, how many reason can you find to love your work?

Janeane Davis

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  • All of these reasons are great but I think that todays day-in-time we need to be overly happy and thankful about any job we carry and most definitely have a loving attitude towards it because there are so many out there who do not have jobs - and would love to be in 'your' place. (not "you" personally, just anyone w/a job in general)

  • I was very lucky for a few years to ADORE my job. It was not easy work and we put in 50+ hours/week in hopes of getting promoted frequently, but I loved the challenge, and I loved my coworkers. I haven't loved every job since then quite as much, but I always try and find the positive to make it through the day :)

  • Great advice and yes I do love pay checks!

  • The way I see it is that you're going to be doing it your entire life - you might as well learn to love what you do or do something you love.

  • It's sad when your boss doesn't understand the importance of employee morale. I know business really thrives on that and many companies make such a huge point of it, but sadly not everyone is that lucky. Really good points here.

  • Although I work from home now, when I was in corporate America, I loved my work and the people I worked with on a daily basis. I did not love the politics and ignorance of the bureaucracy within which I worked. It was so horrid that after 5 years I was physically ill from facing it daily. I still work in communications and have active relationships, some personal and some professional, with the people I worked with then. What I have now is the option to choose my political battles and still have a paycheck. World of difference, and your 4 points fit in perfectly. Great post.

  • My biggest motivation is my paycheck but besides that I sometimes hate my job. I hate the very long hours and just wish I could stay in bed some days. :(

  • i do not work outside of the home - I homeschool and blog plus all the other duties (taking care of our home, the kids,etc.), there are some days I do need and attitude adjustment, thank you for th encouragement!

  • Love your blog! So very true. I love my adult interaction. It's a sigh of relief from talking to little humans in my home!

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