It is wonderful to develop a loving attitude toward your work and having some pride in what you do. In my opinion, a good place to work is anyplace that pays a fair wage for a fair amount of labor. Based on that definition, there are good places to work in almost every industry and almost every person has the ability to work for a good employer. Your job and how it is viewed is determined by you. It is important to have a sense of pride in the work that you do in order to have the right mental attitude toward your work.

Pride is often defined as a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, or merit and is seen in the way one carries oneself or the attitude a person possesses.  Pride is different from conceit which is an exaggerated, inappropriate, or overly high grandiose opinion of one’s self. When a person has a sense of pride about her work she:

  • has a better attitude
  • gets better results at work
  • is someone others want to be like

There are a several ways you can tell a person has a sense of pride in her work. First, she will show up to work on time, this means she will arrive early so that she is at her work area and working at her designated start time. Second she will give her best efforts to each task she does at work. A person with pride in her work will do each job completely, diligently and within the required time frames. Third, a person with pride in her work will have a good attitude.  This means she will not have a complaining attitude. She will not spend time engaged in idle gossip, sharing bad information about the company and her co-workers. Interestingly, a sense of pride helps one to get a better attitude. It is human nature to treat with kindness and generosity things that fill us with pride.

 In other words, a woman who has pride in her work will speak favorably about the company that employs her. She will not engage in conversations that are insulting or demeaning to her place of employment, co-workers, or supervisors. The pride a person has in her work is evident in the work product she produces. When a person feels pride in her work, she strives to do work that is satisfactory to her employer, she gives her best efforts and takes steps to improve her skills so that she is always improving. A person with pride in her work is contagious. This pride will lead to one of two results. Either those around her will “catch” her pride and start having pride in the workplace themselves. Or, those around her will be embarrassed about their lack of pride of place and will avoid her so that their bad actions are not magnified in appearance by comparison.

In conclusion, it is important to have pride in the work you do. It will make you feel better, it is a good example for those who watch you and it is what your employer is entitled to have from you. Having a proper sense of pride in the work you do will get you better results and give you a better quality of life. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what do you do to show pride in the work you do?