• Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

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Read the Manual and Get More from Your Technology


It is terrific to know that you can take the mystery out of your technology if you read the manual.


I am an intelligent woman. I do not say this to brag or out of pride. I say it because it is a fact. Many intelligent women like me, have a problem with our technology. The problem is that we refuse to read the manuals that come with our technology BEFORE we use the technology.

There are many reasons why we do not read the manual in advance including:

– we think we know how the thing works
– we have had an item like this one and think we know it all
– we think “how hard can it be?”
– we want to start playing with our new toys right away


I have manuals for my all my tablets, my e-reader, my smartphone, my laptop and all my other pieces of technology. In the past, I only read the manuals when there was a problem I couldn’t figure out on my own. However, recently, I tried something new. I started reading my manuals before I started playing with my new technology. It has been a fun and interesting experience. I learned several features my e-reader had that I did not know it had.  I learned ways to save battery, how the lighting could be optimized and how to better organize my growing book collection. When I read the manual for my camera I learned to take better photographs and lots of features that I never thought of using that would make my photos better.

In the process of reading the manuals, I have learned a lot about my technology and myself. The satisfaction I obtain from the delayed satisfaction of using the technology is more than made up for with the satisfaction I get from learning to use my technology better and more efficiently.In conclusion, it is terrific to know that you can take the mystery out of your technology by reading the manual. So, in conclusion, the question for you this terrific day is how many manuals have you ignored?

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