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Get Optimistic and Improve Family Relationships When You are Out of Work

Believe it or not, good things can happen when you are out of work. One of them could be an improvement to your family relationships.

It is wonderful to have an attitude of optimism while out of work and use that optimism to improve family relationships.

It is important for us to work on a regular basis in order to earn income. In most cases, our family members understand that we must step away from family obligations in order to earn money. Sometimes, we must spend long hours at work and sacrifice time with family in order to keep our jobs. Occasionally, this sacrifice leads to bad feelings or even resentment in families. This means that work can sometimes damage family relationships. Most people have heard children complain about parents who are at work all the time and have no time for them. This is a sad and unfortunate reality.

If the time you have spent at work has caused a rift or problem in your family relationships, things can get better while you are out of work. This is the time to adopt a spirit of optimism and set about improving things. While you are out of work you have time to do nice things for family members. While you are out of work you can attend the events you used to miss.

When you are out of work you can take steps and make serious efforts toward improving relationships in the family. No matter how bad things are, you can start taking steps toward improving things. Use the time, make the effort and work diligently toward the relationship you want with your family members.   There are all kinds of ways to make things better with family members:  

  • apologize for the state of things
  • accept your responsibility for the problems without excuse
  • ask the people you have wronged, what you can do to make them feel important and valued
  • make special meals or treats for hurt family members
  • write letters or little notes expressing kind feelings for the family members you have hurt

When you are out of work involuntarily, it can be scary. But, the time away from work can be seen as an opportunity for improvement and new beginnings. Use the time out of work to make improvements. Work with the injured family members to come up with a plan that will enable improvements in the relationships to continue even after you start working again.  

If you want to read about getting in better shape all over, even while out of work, check out this article – Take Action Now and Get Healthy All Over

In conclusion, it is wonderful to adopt an attitude of optimism and use it to improve family relationships while out of work. So, the question for you this wonderful day is how can you use optimism to improve relationships in your family?

Janeane Davis

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  • Optimism is important especially when things look differently than we planned.

  • Being optimistic helps you out so much and and it really effects those around you. When you are optimistic it really rubs off on people in a good way.

  • What an interesting and thought provoking thought. After reading this I thought about tons of stuff and made me wanna try and apply those. Those are some great points to keep in mind.

  • Interesting thoughts. I like the idea of being optimistic. Especially in these challenging times when so many of us have so little control over our work lives (including whether we still have a job or not.)

  • Thanks for this post. I am one of those people who will surely benefit from these.

  • Optimism really promotes growth; mentally and spiritually. This is a great thing to start practicing.

  • Being an optimistic and focused in everything can help you and your family to have a stronger relationship.

  • I tend to be naturally optimistic. When I was furloughed this year, I took some time to work on projects I'd been neglecting and started exercising with my kids. We definitely turned lemons into lemonade. :)

  • Optimism isn't something that comes naturally to me. I realize how important it is though so I'm working on being a more positive person.

  • I kind of needed this little boost right now! Leaving the classroom due to COVID has made me felt *lots* of feelings, but noticing how present I'm able to be with family now has been a huge benefit. It'll be nice to incorporate some of these new habits later when I'm working again!

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