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Get Over the frustration of the Struggle to Balance Work and Life — 16 Comments

  1. Ture we need to find balance between work and family otherwise it will be difficult to maintain both.

  2. Everyone has their own struggles in balancing life and work. It’s really tough. But I know that we can get through it with our family. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  3. Yes! We need to look forward and not to stop! We need to improve our life every day and to find the right balance between the personal and professional life!

  4. This post gives a totally fresh perspective about work-life balance, which is something everyone strives for. I think the stress of maintaining the balance itself creates a lot of stress and frustration.

  5. This is so true and also I suppose balance looks different to every person !

  6. Love this. Even if I’m not in the situation I could really imagine how this feels like and what happens. So glad to read this.

  7. I really try to incorporate some of these ideas in my day to day life. It’s difficult sometimes but that’s life. The important thing to do is remember life has it’s ups and downs but it’s important to keep moving forward no matter the pace

  8. Maybe for single people it could be possible but for moms? Nah.

  9. Definitely. Even work at home moms are struggling to balance it. Thanks for this motivating article.

  10. We really cannot avoid some incidents that we need to choose between work and life. It’s really hard but we are doing our best.

  11. Work life balance is really a matter of choice since at some point we could not avoid conflicts. As long as we are happy with our choice and it is for the betterment.

  12. I am happy to read this, it reminds me to let go of the guilt to move forward in life. Thank you!

  13. I remember a few years ago, I was work and in full time education and as well as being a single mother. It was very hard but I was highly motivated and kept it going. Balancing was hard at first but as soon as I set my priority, the rest was history.

  14. There really is no solution. It is a day by day process of trying to balance everything as smoothly as possible while still feeling accomplished. And a lot of days are unsuccessful and that is okay!

  15. Work/life balance is so hard to master, especially if you’re very driven. When I first started my blog, I was just consumed by my work. I had to learn how to create a balance or I would have lost my mind.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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