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Get Rid of Mystery: Plan What Will Happen if You Take Action Now — 15 Comments

  1. Very well said. Success is only possible when we face our fear of the unknown.

  2. Making a goal and at the same time making it happen will surely help individual find success.

  3. It is a great reminder for us all. Planning definitely is an important key to do in order to set our future goals.

  4. You are right, sometimes we humans feel fear and that’s what stopping us, I believe that’s just normal however the thing we can do in order to proceed to everything is to take risk and face our fear in order to overcome them.

  5. I do agree with you, I am in that process now, kind of. I have been putting this for years but now I am ready.

  6. I find planning a very important step to success. As I am no longer a single person, I do the planning with my husband. And that help us a lot to reach our goals.

  7. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail for sure. And in that planning, never let fear get in the way. Great message here! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have finally found a good balance between planning things and living in the moment. I make lists for just about everything, but do not stress when things do not go according to plan. I love having the plan there and you can go back to it if needed to get back on track.

  9. list and plans are great but never let them keep you from living in the moment

  10. I keep composition notebooks for each of our businesses to write down my goals and how I plan to reach them. I find it is very helpful to keep me on track and improving.

  11. I have to admit having a plan or just a list always makes me feel so much more at ease, no matter the situation x

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