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Get a Theme Song for Your Business

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I have selected two songs to be the theme songs for my business for the year 2020. The first song is Out My House by CeCe Winans. The Second is Formation Beyonce Knowles.


If you are an entrepreneur and want your business to succeed, get a theme song and then go live the words of the song while running your business. In order to be successful, entrepreneurs must find a way to get themselves, employees, and even the customers all working together, on the same team. One way to get people working together and thinking the same thoughts is through music. This is the idea of theme music in movies and television.

When the team creating a movie or television show wants viewers to feel a certain way, they play music that sets that mood. That idea is important in your business as well. A quick and easy way to get yourself and your business team on the same page is to start the day by playing a theme song at the start of the day. There is no magic song for every business. Nor is there a particular type of music that is good for every business. After all, each business is unique and special. So, each business must select its own theme song.

I operate a consulting business that provides entrepreneurs with the advice and assistance they need to work more efficiently, profitably and successfully. I help entrepreneurs to go from dreaming about having a successful business to actually having successful business enterprises. I advise customers to get, up, go for it and move towards the success they want. The two songs I have selected to help guide me in 2020 have words that speak to my head and my heart.


In the song, Out my House are the following words:


Don’t want you on my porch no more

Stop looking through my window open

Cause you’re my enemy and not my friend,

I can see clearly and I don’t 

Wanna hear you on my radio

Don’t wanna see you on my TV screen

Don’t wanna read you in my magazine . . .

Not in the mood to negotiate, I know

God is for me and I’m not afraid . .  .

And when you go please stay away . . .

The reality is, that there are negative people, thoughts, and circumstances that come up every day. I do not want these things to bother me. I do not want the negative to rule my day or my life. I want those things gone. It is a non-negotiable matter. It is my strong and fervent belief that words have power. Therefore if I say the negative has to go, it will go.
In Beyonce’s Formation, I found the words:
I see it, I want it . . .
I dream it, I work hard
I grind ’til I own it . . .
Take what’s mine,
I’m a star . . .


A few weeks ago I took stock of my plans for the year and what I achieved on that list.In many ways, I succeeded. In many ways, I came up short. I sat down and took stock of things. I reviewed the key performance indicators. I discovered what the problem was in the areas where I came up short. The problem in every area was myself. I didn’t do the work. I didn’t work smart and instead stead worked hard in the wrong places. One thing I know about myself is that if I want something and work for it I achieve it. Therefore the success I wanted and was not achieving was the fault of no one but myself. The lyrics in this song remind me that as Jesse Jackson once said, “if my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.”



Each morning, I play these songs before starting my day. During meetings with clients and while speaking with clients on the phone, the music is playing softly in the background. This procedure has a wonderful effect. I start each day, upbeat and feeling inspired to go for what I want and to reach new heights, to conquer new challenges. By playing the music quietly in the background, my customers get a subtle message that no matter how hard things have been up to this point, there is hope in the future. The message is sent that the past problems and struggles were good because they made the entrepreneur stronger and better prepared for the future.



Take time today to look at your business. What message do you want to send to yourself, your employees, your customers? There is something that you believe in, something that you want the people to feel when they walk away from you. Your business has a purpose, a goal, and a design. There is something that you want to share with your customers about who you are and for what your business stands. Figure out what that is and find a piece of music that represents it and make it the theme song for your business.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to get a theme song for your business and then live the words while operating your business. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, what is the theme song for your business?


Janeane Davis

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