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GloWubble Bubble Ball – A Review

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.
Toys are as important to children learning as books.  Recently, my children and I were able to play with a GloWubble bubble ball. This article will detail the pros and cons of what we called “The GloWubble Bubble Experiment.” We had previously tried out a Wubble X bubble ball so we were familiar with Wubble balls. The children were looking forward to playing with the GloWubble bubble ball which was described as a ball that plays like a ball and glows in the dark. According to the packaging, the ball looks and moves like a bubble but won’t pop like a bubble.  The ball doesn’t look tough, but it held up very well to play.
The GloWubble bubble ball Kit came with everything we needed to blow the ball up so the children could play with it right away. When we opened the box we found everything we needed to get things going. We received a can of helium gas, a package of petroleum jelly, a straw to help with the blow up, some patches in case needed, some cute Wubble Bubble stickers and a great set of instructions.
The GloWubble bubble ball was huge before it was inflated. One of my 8 year- olds held it up over and it was about the size of a plate and covered her entire face. That brought a lot of giggles. Before the GloWubble ball could be inflated, we needed to add 4 D batteries to the air pump that came with the kit.   The box states that the ball fully inflates in minutes with the pump. Our experience was quite different. I used brand new high quality batteries for the air pump. I inserted the pump into the ball as directed. I let the pump run for over an hour and a half until the batteries died, but the ball never reached the full size of 3 feet we were expecting. Our ball never got over 18 inches.
My children are troopers who look for the best in everything so they insisted they be allowed to play with the ball. I will admit, they had a blast. The texture of the ball was squishy and fun to touch. It had a fun bounce to it as they tossed it around my office and then in their bedrooms. They also had fun playing with the ball in their dark rooms because it glowed in the dark.  The children were able to play with the ball at the playground and bounce it around and throw it back and forth each other.  As adverstised teh children were able to kick, whack, throw and bounce the GloWubble ball at home and at the playground.
While the ball never got as big as promised and took much longer to inflate than advertised my children had a lot of fun with it so I would recommend it to others.
Janeane Davis

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