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Good is So Close to Great – Go for Great!


The difference between doing a good job and doing a great job is so small. In fact, it is so small it makes no sense to stop at good when you can be great!

Don’t stop at good, go all the way to great.

When I was in the first grade, the teacher Mrs. Scott told us that instead of working hard to get even with someone, we should work harder to get ahead. She was talking about our school work and how we should always do our best. She told us not to work to get even with our peers. She said we should work hard to do our best and get ahead of where we had ever been before.


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As children we are taught to do a good job, so we work hard and put in the work to do a good job. It is not easy to do a good job. Often, it is hard, really hard to do a good job. When we do our best and put in good work it often makes us tired, emotionally and physically. But, we push forward, we still work to do a good job. We push to do a good job because it is the bare minimum that is expected from people of good moral fiber. We push to do a good job because we desire to give the best of ourselves to the world.

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At the school my children attend a good grade is a 92. If a child gets a 92 on an exam, it is a “B” which is a perfectly good grade. If that same child did a little more work and got a 93 on an exam, it is an “A” which is an excellent grade. Just a little more work means that child would go from good to excellent. Much of life is like that. The hard work is in doing a good job. Since all the hard work has been done, it makes sense to do just a little more work to be excellent.


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  • What a great concept to aspire to. It really is true: why stop at doing a good job when with just a bit more effort you can do a GREAT one.

  • It's true that Great is more work, but I try to do GREAT all the time. I might let some other things slide but What I do get done, I try to make it GREAT.

  • Such a reminder that we all should be living our fullest potential! I am always looking to reach my GREAT!!!!

  • This is great advice. I read somewhere on another blog something similar such as better for now, but go for great before it's over with. I like to do the best I can at the beginning. It makes me feel super accomplished.

  • I'm a huge believers in this mentality. It's what sets you apart from those than ordinary and EXTRAordinary!

  • This is so true! Sometimes doing a little extra makes a huge difference, you always have to give it everything, just in case!

  • 92 is a B? Weird 80-89 is a B here. It's always to strive to do better though.

  • This is a really great and inspiring message. It also inspires me to remember it and impress it on my children.

  • I love this saying!!! I think it's so important to try to do more then just what needs to be done or is required of you.

  • This is great! I love the idea of bestowing this mentality into your children. Perfect idea!

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