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Be Grateful for the Job Search

Looking for a new job may be scary and stressful, but look at it as a reason to be thankful. New jobs are opportunities to do new and exciting things, that makes them a cause for celebration.

Look at your job search as a chance for a new and wonderful beginning.

If you are a person who needs to work for a living, a job search can be a scary thing. A job means a paycheck and a paycheck is the difference between feeding your family and having hungry children at home. A paycheck can be the difference between paying your mortgage and looking for a shelter to spend the night. So no matter what else it is, a job search is s serious matter. If you left your last job under less than favorable circumstances or if it has been a long time since you have had a job, the job search offers you a chance for a new beginning. No matter how bad things were at your last job, your new job can be a chance to start again, rebuild your reputation and make a new name for yourself.

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If you need a new job and are desperate for a new chance, start with your attitude. Start looking at the job search as a good thing. Before you begin the search get out a pen and paper or your favorite electronic writing device and write down a few things:

  • what new attitude do you need to be successful and happy at a new job
  • what habits can you put into place to do well at your new job
  • things you need to do to keep old bad habits from raising their ugly head

Once you have a list of these things, review them on a regular basis. As you review them, put into place actions and habits that will help you to get new results and be more successful at the new job. Start doing your job with the new attitude and new behaviors you want to have. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the good habits yet. It doesn’t matter if you are still working on developing the skills you need to be successful on your new job. Start acting as if the new reputation you want has already been established. Behave as if you have been doing all those new habits you want to put in place for years. It is not a matter of “fake it until you make it.” Think of it instead as fake it until you make it with work. Do the work you would be doing if you had that stellar reputation you want. Have the attitude you would have if you were doing all those great habits for years. Do the work and you won’t be faking it until you make it, you will actually be making it.

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