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Great is So Close so Do Not Stop at Good — 29 Comments

  1. This is such an inspiring post! Lovely read.

  2. I love this message! What a great reminder to all of us. I always remind myself to do better everyday.

  3. I agree, don’t settle for good, go great. Same as dream big. I always tell my son that.

  4. This is such a beautiful point of view! We need always to improve ourselves!

  5. This is really great reminder. Yes we need to practice the things get the things in order.

  6. This is great. All great things in life take a lot of work. I’m hoping to become great at treating pregnancy patients in my line of work so I’m planning on doing A LOT of extra training.

  7. This reminds me of my weight loss journey. I’ve done well but I want to keep going!

  8. I love this reminder for people looking to improve their lives. Right now is an important time to rethink where you are and where you’d like to be — and NOT lose focus. This is perfect for a friend who is dealing with some things. I’ll be sure to share.

  9. This is so motivational and this makes me go thinknabout myself. I’m inspired by your words. I also love the quote! I’ll be keeping this in mind. This is so inspiring!

  10. I love this concept- I always try to do and give my best and I get such a sense of satisfaction from knowing I’ve put in as much effort as I could!

  11. This is really inspiring and motivating! Indeed, why stop at good when you can do great!

  12. I agree, if we are good at something. Why not do our best. It’s not like we got hundreds of years to try and try,so give your best at every chance.

  13. This is so motivating, I love reading post like this like every other day to keep me going.

  14. Your post has inspired me. I was okay with being good at things. My photography skills are good but I know with more education and practice I can achieve great.

  15. I agree! I always try to do everything to glorify God. He deserves greatness not just goodness. Great reminder.

  16. This is such a inspire to read and I agree with this Getting from good to great takes time, practice and effort I’ totally relate!

  17. This is such a great way to think about it. We should never settle for ok when we have the ability to be amazing.

  18. This is definitely a good reminder to never settle at just good, but to strive for doing great

  19. This post is so inspiring. Thanks for the reminder.

  20. This is an excellent reminder to never stop at your goal, but to always enhance and expand within your capabilities and beyond your comfort zone! I love this saying and will most likely say this to my adult children now! Kelli A

  21. This is such an interesting read – it is good to remember sometimes that you just have to keep on try and that little extra can make a big difference to the end result.

  22. That is such a wonderful reminder. If we’re going to put in the work, let’s go all the way!

  23. I love this! I’ve always believed that we should put our full effort into everything we do. If we do that, we’ll always do better than good.

  24. This is such a fabulous reminder. You do have to practice at things in order to get better. Always put in the work!

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