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Grilled Pork is Good Everyday – Don’t Wait for a Holiday — 12 Comments

  1. I love lemon basil grilled pork chops, yummy!

  2. I like pork because it is easy to Mae and season to taste like something new each time.

  3. I am not the best cook and I have learned that marinades are good friends to cooks like me!

  4. You are cracking me up! A little salt, a little pepper then 5 to 7 minutes on the George Foreman grill and is all done.

  5. That was a meal made for the kids – boxed mac and cheese, steamed broccoli and the grilled pork – quick and easy even for the picky eaters!

  6. Oh I wish I’d been invited over for THAT meal! We love pork- and I’m going to try some on the grill this week!

  7. I love pork, especially on the grill. I’ve been experimenting with new rubs and seasonings to mix things up a bit. I love that you talk about the versatility since it’s so easy to get bored with the same old dishes. Yay pork!!

  8. We grill year round and there’s something about grilled pork chops! I’ve never tried the marinade with pork chops – I will definitely try that soon. Your chops look scrumptious!

  9. Pork has a good history with me. I remember when I was young I would hate getting my hands dirty when I ate; I would cry a lot (I was really young)! It wasn’t until I had ribs for the first time that I could really understand the very necessary mess to enjoy some good pork! Also, I’ve never been sad while eating a pork chop .

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