• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

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Happy – You Know a Book Can Do it For You

happy with books

Happiness really can be found inside a book. The secret is to find the book that touches your heart. It is an intimate and personal thing to find a book that truly makes you happy. The right book can make your heart sing.

Find a book that makes you happy – it doesn’t have to be “good” for you.

Find a book that makes you happy - it doesn't have to be "good" for you.Many people don’t read or are not happy with books because they have not found books that speak to their hearts. If you want to get into reading and books, start with the last book you remember liking. It doesn’t matter if it is a Dr. Seuss book from your childhood. It doesn’t matter if it is volume seven of the United States Tax Code. Get a copy of the last book you remember liking and read it again. On my bookshelves and my e-readers I have copies of books I have enjoyed at various stages throughout my life. On my desk shelf, at eye level, I have a copy of selected poems by Langston Hughes that is almost 20 years old, falling apart, has pages bent and is being held together with a rubber band. That book is a treasure and not a month goes by that I don’t flip through and read it even though I know almost the entire book of poems by heart.

In order to find a book that makes you happy, pick a book about a topic you like. No matter what it is you like, there is a book about it. If you want to read, simply to for the joy of reading, don’t worry about what others are reading. Instead, read what you like. There is nothing wrong with reading only what you like. For example, when it comes to movies, I like a happy ending. I cannot stand a movie without a happy ending. However, I will never read a romance story and it doesn’t bother me if a book ends on a sad note.

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