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Hear Me Now – Fairness in Education Funding Matters — 7 Comments

  1. Wow! That is a massive difference between the funding for the two school districts. I’m assuming this is tied to local tax revenues, but something definitely needs to change. Students from poorer neighborhoods shouldn’t be at such a huge disadvantage.

  2. I’m not sure that I can contribute directly to the status of Fairness in Education in PA, but I know I can make a difference in my own community. We definitely struggle with making sure our students have the resources they need. Awareness and action are huge obstacles to overcome!

  3. thank you for bringing awareness to this issue. Fairness across the board should be the norm not n option.

  4. Fairness isn’t an option, there has to be fairness in education. It is shocking to me the schools differences even here, and quality. It’s really silly. These kids deserve the best!

  5. I agree that there needs to be fairness across the board. It is like that all over the country I feel like. Thank for standing up for fairness for these kids!

  6. The differences in education between small towns and big cities always amaze me. They should all get the same chances in life.

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