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Herman Mellville’s Moby Dick – Sometimes Stuff Is Hard — 33 Comments

  1. I honestly have never read it and I think it’s because I myself could not imagine reading about whaling, but I need to give it a try one of these days!

  2. I am definitely one that will put off those unpleasant tasks until I just “have” to do them.

  3. I so need to be better about tackling unpleasant tasks and getting them out of the way.

  4. I am a teacher and I wish more parents would show their children that sometimes you have to push through and do things that you don’t love. The world thinks we have to enjoy and love everything we do….this does not teach children that sometimes we do it because it’s the right thing to do. BTW, I didn’t enjoy that book either!!

  5. I never made it through that book either. I do agree with you about pushing through hard tasks and getting it done! Very necessary.

  6. I remember reading the book but it was not one of my favorites.I like the quote at the beginning at the beginning of your post.

  7. I kind of can’t stand the classics. I know that it would be worthwhile to read, but I never push myself.

  8. I never made it through Moby Dick either. There are a few classics that are very hard to make it through!

  9. Crystal, you are correct. I always remember that after. Maybe if I remembered during, thing wouldn’t be so bad.

  10. MJ I do not know how I never got stuvk with it in school! I do feel better having read it. The experience cured me of FOMO (fear of missing out).

  11. Ha! I never did get through that book! But this quote and logic is true on SOOOO many levels! It’s amazing at how good we feel when we finish those tasks that we really don’t care to do.

  12. I totally agree with “suck it up and do it” however OMG Moby Dick was pure torture! LOL. How Sis you make it through school with such luck. It was on my curriculum list twice! Ugh. I still remember the pain but yeah I sucked it up.

  13. So true. Suck it up and do it! I say that to myself A LOT!

  14. Oh my I read your quote adn smiled. That is me and decluttering the basement! I have got to started this week!

  15. I think I did actually read through this book in school. I don’t really remember the details of the story to well but it wasn’t an easy read.

  16. I have read it and I agree it was one of the hardest ones to finish. I did finish it tho.

  17. I most certainly agree with this. Sometimes, you have to stick to whatever it is that you are struggling with in order to get to the good.

  18. Oh so very true. I never read the book, but it is all about continuing even when you want to quit. Thanks for sharing

  19. I am laughing so hard at the “suck it up, buttercup!” And I will probably never ever read Moby Dick now!

  20. My motivation for tonight is going to be that quote right there at the top. I have a deadline tonight and I’ve simply got to meet it, even though I have zero desire to do so. In the end, I’ll be better for it. 😉

  21. Can’t remember if i’ve read this book or not. Will have to check it out to see it sounds good.

  22. I haven’t read this book. I am sure your kids were proud of you for completing it!

  23. It is in the mundane tasks that we ain endurance and fortitude. I also realize that character is built. Great observations.

  24. Sometimes it is so challenging to complete difficult tasks. I felt the same way about A Tale of Two Cities, but Moby Dick is definitely a hard one.

  25. It is hard to stick with things you don’t love. I am very guilty of procrastinating on such things but I’m working on it!

  26. I love this. I know tasks can be hard but once they are done you get to move on to something easier.

  27. The quote in the image is so true. I’ve never read Moby Dick, but I do know that it’s sometimes the tasks that you want to quit on but keep going that wind up being the most rewarding.

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