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Home and Work Are Independent Entitites, Define Home

It is fantastic to realize that home and work are independent entities and to define home for yourself. It is common for entrepreneurs and those who work at home to co-mingle work and home time and resources. This can lead to some bad and dangerous results. Everyone has heard the expression, “All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.” It is true. If you are a person with a family, a spouse and children, you simply cannot work all day every day and ignore your family and family time. Small business entrepreneurs, people who work from home, even my fellow bloggers often work all day every day. Every blogger has stories about children and spouses who get a nasty attitude because they cannot eat or play with a toy until after the photos are taken. It is cute to the blogger, but not to our family members.


If you are a person who works all day every day and puts family and home on the back burner until some “later” time, stop. Sit down today and decide what home and family means to you. In  your dream world:

  • How much time would you spend on life outside work
  • What would you do with your family
  • How would you make life better for your children
  • What would you do for personal enjoyment
  • What would you do special for your spouse


The answers to these questions is just as important as your ROI, accounts receivable, sales figures, unique visitors and page views statistics. When you are sick, hurt or need a hug, your business will not give you a hug, a band-aid or chicken noodle soup. Those are the special gifts one gets from family, from people who are in our lives outside of our businesses, work, and blogs. Sit down and define home for yourself. Once you know what your ideal home situation is, start taking steps, real steps to make it happen. Often we live temporarily. By that I mean we say that we are doing one thing we don’t like so we can do what we want later. The problem arises when we never get to the later. You cannot wait to live the life you want at home, live it now. Define what home means for you and then live it.




In conclusion, it is fantastic to realize that home and work are independent entities and to define home for one’s self. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what does home mean to you?

Janeane Davis

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  • Home to me is where my family is.... When the kids are home, it's home. When the kids are gone, it's the office.

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