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How Do I Know It’s Racism – How Do You Know It’s Pizza — 6 Comments

  1. I am new here to the United States. I’ve only been here nearly 50 years and I keep waiting for things to get better. I heard the United States was the land of milk and honey. I guess it is: white milk and honey. I’m waiting to understand what the joke is. You know how when you’re in middle school and someone tells a joke while you’re out of the room then when everyone comes back in they’re laughing and you want in on it too? Yeah, when is this “treat POC like they are disposable” game gonna be over? Cuz I’m ready for the regular United States to come back. This game isn’t fun or funny and I’m tired of playing “it”. When do White folks get to be it? Why should I have to defend myself for being offended at a racist or sexist remark? If I got bitten by a dog no one would say “Dang Pam why did you put your arm in that dog’s mouth?” Nope. They’d be like “Dang that dog bit you!” See how it works? You don’t question someone who was bitten by a dog, you assume the dog is in the wrong. I know racism cuz I’m playing this game 50 years. I’m an expert at it. I’ve got a PhD, an MD, a JD, and any other kind of advanced specialized degree I can obtain in racism. Because I have lived it every day since I arrived. That’s how I know what racism is.
    And trust me, it’s an education I’d rather not have.
    So don’t tell me you don’t see it as racism. That would be like looking at a pizza and saying “it doesn’t look like a pizza” even though it’s round, flat, has sauce and cheese on it. It might be asparagus. or a battering ram. See how dumb that sounds? Of course it’s a pizza.
    Is it pizza or is it something else?

  2. As the parent of 4 children – 1 son and 3 daughters – the stories that I could tell you about the racism that my children have experienced at the hands of ignorant children, ignorant parents and ignorant teachers would curl your toes. Just remember – you are never too tired to fight back, stop bigotry and make sure that your children know that they are the most perfect images of God ever designed! And when you feel tired, give me a call. I’ve got a full list of experiences that can help anyone know how to battle this crap.

  3. I know I shouldn’t be amazed to read these things but lawd, I worry about the future.

  4. And yet there are people who would tell you that the kid didn’t mean anything by it. The kid meant something by it and it wasn’t something good. It was racist trash he was taught and it was wrong.

  5. I’ve gained a lot of respect for W Kama Bell. I’ve watched more interviews with him. His wife is White and his children are biracial so he’s got an interesting perspective on that too.
    I can so relate to what you’re saying, especially yesterday when my husband sent me a text from the park because a White child who was playing with our son, was asked by another White child – “Is he your slave?” Thankfully, our son didn’t hear it.

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