It is magnificent to be part of a person following a dream.

Recently I had the awesome privilege to be part of a friend following a dream, a mission from God. My friend Sheri Luckey, writer of the funny blog,  Humor and Honey had a dream back in October that she would sponsor a diva day aka a day of being spoiled rotten for two people. God had placed it on her heart to do something nice for me and another of her friends, Barbara. The event she planned took a small sum of funds so she enlisted some of her friends to contribute towards the cost of the event. It is incredible the way she allowed others to take part in making her vision from God come to be.

For me, it was interesting and a little scary. Sheri sent me an email that said she wanted to do something that would require me to be available from 9 am to 7 pm and not know any of the details. She did say she would tell my husband so he would not be worried about me being gone the whole day. I was a little nervous, but I agreed, Sheri is a really nice and fun person, so I suspected it would be fun. Then a week before the actual day, she needed me to go out with her for two hours one evening to prepare for the big day. I thought I would be able to find out what was going on so I agreed. Well she and a friend picked me up, took me to a very nice area mall and bought me a GORGEOUS suit and two blouses to match. The suit jacket had to be tailored to fit. The tailor did an amazing job. But, this gave me no clue as to what I was going to be doing from 9 am to 7 pm.


Well, the big day came and Sheri arrived at my house with her friend Hope. They thought it was so funny to blindfold me and cart me off to destination unknown. Well, destination unknown was Divine Inspiration Hair Salon at 6365 Germantown Avenue in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Joy Pendleton was in on the surprise (I did not find out until later). She took my hair, which came in looking rather well, there will be no before picture, so that tells you all you need to know.  Joy turned me into this incredible shiny haired, soft to the touch just beautiful in every way person. Let me just say, and I not being compensated in any way for saying this, Joy Pendleton is awesome. I watched her as she took care of several other patrons all of whom left feeling good and looking gorgeous. She treated me as if I was a long time valued customer and made me look forward to coming back again. When she was done I looked and felt great.


011913 portait face only


Next Barbara and I were whisked off to Lens Friends at 2531 Huntingdon Pike C-1 in Huntingdon Valley,Pa. where we were treated to a photo shoot. We went to an incredible place called Lens and Friends. What is neat about this place is that you take your own pictures using their props and sets. No matter what look you are going for, they have it. So after about 2 hours, we left with a CD full of really wonderful photos.  Which Kim Oliver has agreed to edit, retouch and work her magic on before presenting them to us. The owner also helped with lighting, picking shots backgrounds and the like.  In addition to photos, I noticed you could also purchase mouse pads, mugs and many other items. The location also does birthday parties.  There is also a monthly networking event which I am looking forward to attending.


 011913 portrait w suit and orange blouse
After the photo shoot photographer Kim Oliver who was in on the surprise treated us to a wonderful array of appetizers and refreshing drinks. Another sweet thing was Kim’s mom, Mama O who was also so tickled to be part of our Diva Day. After appetizers, drinks and Kim’s wonderful massaging chair our chariot whisked us off to Yangming restaurant in Bryn Mawr, Pa. where Keisha joined us for dinner. The food was amazingly delicious as it always is at Yangming. The best part of the dinner was the company. The women were so incredible, funny, smart and interesting. We talked and laughed and teased and shared philosophy and conspiracy theories. If you ever need a great group of women to hang out with, call Sheri and the crew.


011913 group photo
In sum, if you are ever lead by God to do something, it will be a blessing for you and for the recipients. Sheri was blessed by providing Barbara and I with a wonderful experience.  It was a life changing experience for me which I will share more about in days to come.