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Inspiration – Find it and Use it To Take Action Now — 7 Comments

  1. Yes! Our children can be wonderful motivators. Knowing that they are depending on us to provide for them spurs us into action. In addition, the fact that we are role models for them also inspires us to take action and do our best.

  2. My motivation is my son and every single time I get a bill in the mail or a expense notification in my email. Knowing I have responsibilities gets me out of the bed, forces me to write a blog post, schedule social media posts. External motivation doesn’t really effect me.

  3. “Inspiration is fleeting, situational and sensitive.“

    Whew I felt that!

  4. I literally have a brand new idea of something I want to learn or experience every single day!

  5. I am a serial learning I have had about 5 businesses and this is exactly why. I would always choose to do what I want instead of what I need to do. This was a great article. I look forward to more

  6. I’m one of those creative types so, I always have so many things I want to do floating in my head. It is hard sometimes to find inspiration because, one day I want to work on this and the next day I push it to the side and do nothing. I just have tonremond myself that its something I love and it’s only going to get done when I push through.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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