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It’s My Birthday – What Shall I Give the World?



Once your birthday is over and you have put away the cards and licked the last bit of cake icing, it is time to think about what you will give to the world over the course of the next year. Pick something good, something grand and then work towards it. You good, grand thing will not be my good, grand thing and that is perfectly fine. We all have different gifts and different things we can offer the world. Pick something and set about preparing and giving that gift to the world.

Never forget that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail so make a plan, a SMART plan for the gift you will share with the world. Once the planning is done, set about doing. Do not get so bogged down with the planning that you never get around to the doing. Whatever it is that you want to give to the world, whatever it is you have to offer, give it and give it with gusto! Give it with all your heart. As I write these words, I am thinking of my gift to the world over the next year. What do I have to offer? What can I share? What can I do to make the world a better place?

Those last three questions are scary! They are truly some of the scariest questions a person can ask themselves. But, they are questions that must be asked, thought about and then answered resoundingly! As you read these words, think about how you would answer these questions. How would you respond to each of them?

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Janeane Davis

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  • I like this idea. So often, people see their birthday as just the same as every other day and do nothing to mark it and whilst this may only be a small gesture I think its a brilliant idea.

  • I love the idea of taking screenshots of your cards so they are there to buoy you in the hard days. I wish you a beautiful birthday. You have brightened my world today.

  • I think it's a great idea to celebrate your birthday by choosing a way to leave your mark in the next year. Happy birthday to you!

  • This a great attitude to have! It’s nice to celebrate – Happy Birthday! Love your post!

  • Happy Birthday! It's nice to think of what we can do to help others.

  • I love the "giving back" mentality. I look forward to being spoiled on my birthday but that wasn't always the case. In my 20's, I felt uncomfortable with birthdays because it was hard for me to be on the receiving end of giving. I'm over that now.
    Happy Birthday!

    • I like receiving good treatment, good gifts and all the other wonderful things on my birthday. Then, when my day is done, it is nice to give to others in my own special way.

  • This a great positive attitude to have. It's nice to celebrate - happy birthday!

  • That is an awesome idea to do every year! Giving back to other always makes me feel better. Happy Birthday!

  • I want to start doing this with my kids on their birthday too. Never too early to start. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  • I totally agree that birthday cake is essential!!! I love your giving back birthday idea.

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Janeane Davis

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