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It’s Your Business – The Inspiration Must Come From You

It is thrilling to realize that with your business, the inspiration comes from you.  Entrepreneurs in small and growing businesses are often thought of as the chief cook and bottle washer, a Jill of all trades. In addition to all her other duties, an entrepreneur must be an inspirational speaker and motivator who speaks life into her business. The entrepreneur is the head of the organization and often her inspirational influence trickles down onto all the employees and staff. In turn, the employees and staff are able to inspire customers to do continue to do business.    

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When a business starts or launches a new product line there is excitement, motivation, and lots of action. Then, as the new becomes commonplace, the entrepreneur must step forward and inspire the troops to continue. Inspiration is typically defined as being mentally stimulated to do or to feel something. Entrepreneurs want employees to feel happy to come to work and to offer the business’ products and services to the market. Additionally, entrepreneurs want customers to be inspired to do business with the firm again and again.

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When people are inspired, they have a spring in their step when they walk into work in the morning. Inspired workers have a smile in their voices when they answer the phone. 

In conclusion, it is important to know that with your business, inspiration comes from you. So, the question for you on this thrilling day is, how are you going to inspire the team.

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