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  1. Your daughter has to speak the good things into existence! I laugh because I started calling my husband “husband” when we were dating before we talked about marriage. I called him the father of many children when we thought we were barren. Now we have 4 children. You daughter must talk about the things she wants as if they are here and without realizing it, her actions will get her there.

  2. I hope your husband finds something he likes, is good at and is good for your family soon.

  3. my youngest will be in preschool soon, and I’m going to have to start searching for a job..

  4. I think it is so true that we don’t compliment ourselves enough – we are our own worst critics. I love when you say that looking for a job is an opportunity to see the best you have to offer the world and potential employers.

  5. Good advice! Be your own best cheerleader and look at all of the positive and good things you’ve done!

  6. Really great advice! My daughter recently graduated and is working, but not happy where she is. She has been applying for jobs, but has been saying many negative things. I will pass this article on to her.

  7. great advice i will have to remember to do this next time i interview for a new job!

  8. This advice is terrific, and one that anyone can instantly adapt to make themselves look their best in a job interview or on a resume. I think we all have to deal with negative self-talk, but the last place we need that is when we’re looking for employment and need to make a strong, positive impression.

  9. You are so right job searching can be so stressful. However, I always second guess myself when I go to job interviews and I’m to shy to put out all the good things I’ve done.

  10. I never thought of it as necessarily complimenting myself but listing my achievements is a way of complimenting myself. I need to see what other accomplishments I haven’t listed on my portfolio and resume. Thanks for the suggestions!

  11. Great tips! I do this on my resumes all the time! It was also something I looked for when I was hiring people!

  12. I never thought of it this way, but you make excellent points! Thanks for always sharing the positive side of things, love that!

  13. I also believe in making yourself sound as good as you can in your resume! Good tips Janeane!

  14. I love you blog you are always so positive and your advice is right on the money… I think this would be a good idea to share when teens just coming out of High school to let them realize what works for them…

  15. I think it’s always important to brag on yourself a little bit. They might not know how fabulous you are, unless you tell them.

  16. This is very true and a good thing to remember for those who are struggling to find a new job.

  17. I think it is definitely challenging for some people to learn to sell themselves but I think it’s an important skill for everyone to learn, especially when involved in a job search.

  18. This was a great read and you made a lot of great points. Thank you!

  19. exactly!! and that first impression gets their attention!

  20. So very true. People need to build themselves up on a resume. We forget to compliment ourselves on our achievements. Thank you for the great advice and I will pass it along to those that are searching for a job.

  21. I need to check this out! Been looking for something like this! Thanks so much for sharing!

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