• Fri. Oct 15th, 2021

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justice is worth it

When you go to the supermarket, politics are at work. Politics are used to determine the food that will be available at the market. Government regulations determine which items will be taxed and which ones will not be taxed. Politics determines the safety and health regulations that determine how the food you buy will be grown, picked, processed and stored. So, the decision to go to the market to get a loaf of bread, a stick of butter and a container of milk involves politics.

As an entrepreneur, what I sell, the prices I charge and how I do what I do is political. Politics are involved in rules and regulations about where I can set up my office. Politics determines what information about my customers I am required to share with the government. I cannot escape politics if I want to be successful as an entrepreneur.

For some people, talking about politics is hard. It should be hard, it is important. Things that are important are often hard to do, hard to talk about and hard to handle. That doesn’t matter, you still need to talk about things even if they are hard. Part of being an adult is showing up like a grown up and doing hard things.

Part of being an entrepreneur means doing things that are hard and that challenge you. Politics impacts the amount and quality of the justice we will receive. And justice is always worth the price paid for its pursuit.