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Keep up With Practices in the Industry — 6 Comments

  1. I work for a small company, and we do not rely heavily on outside changes effecting us too much. I do like to help create new things that we use for our clients. I like to do the what if we did this, can we do that, game.

  2. That is where I am write now with my law career, not working in it, doing other things while the little ones are so little. Doing some reading keeps me up to date and from getting to far behind.

  3. Great information! It is so easy to get stagnant – especially if you’re taking a break (whether voluntarily or not) from your industry. Staying in contact with others and up-to-date with the trends helped keep me motivated when I was at home with my little ones for a bit.

  4. Super, Duper article. This is certainly how u get to the next level and remain on top. Change is good and necessary. We’re living in a world today of constant change and if we’re asleep we will miss out. Thanks Janeane for the information. I love learning.

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