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This is Why My Kids Need Police Training

My children get police training at home to prepare them for interactions with the police. I would like to see police officers get trained on a regular basis for interactions with my children!

The picture shown just above is a photo of my family taken two years ago. My son, is now almost a foot taller, so it is time for a new family portrait. I know as you look at the photo you see a gorgeous, happy family.  A traditional family with a mom and dad who have been married for more than 26 years and 4 wonderful children. That is what I see when I look at the photo. That is what my friends and family members see. I wonder what some police officers see when they look at that photo.

Let me start by saying I live in a wonderful neighborhood. The police in our area have never been anything but kind and respectful to our family. When my twins and I were hut by a hit and run driver with a history of drunk driving, police officers came to the scene and helped us. They came to the hospital to help us, to check on us and to show compassion. Later, when we saw one of those officers in the neighborhood he was truly happy to see the miraculous recovery my daughter had made. I am fortunate. I am blessed.

Across the country, people who like my family and I are being killed by police.The latest incident, that I woke up to this morning happened in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. A black man was killed in his car in front of his girlfriend and a four-year old child as the result of a traffic stop. He stopped his car, informed the police officer that he had a permit to carry a conceal weapon and was going to get his identification as the officer requested and wanted the officer to know he ha a gun. Mere moments later he was dead. He was killed in front of his girlfriend and a four-year old girl.

So this morning before I got out of bed my husband and I talked about this incident and so many others. We talked about the conversation he had last night with our children ages 9-year-old twin girls, a thirteen year old son and a 20-year-old daughter about police in the United States. We told them about how to behave if stopped by the police. We also had to tell them that even if they did all the “right” things, they may still be killed by the police. These are not fun conversations to have with our children. These are not optional conversations. These are conversations we have to have as parents of black children in the United States.

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  • Things should not be this way in this day in age. It is so heart wrenching to think that this is even something that we need to teach when it should just be a given to treat each other with respect and compassion.

  • oh man this is horrible. awareness is key. with everything that is going on at the very moment it makes you wonder are we moving forward or backwards. just horrible.

  • These kind of stories make me furious, why do people treat others different, we are all human. It is not right that you need to have these kinds of conversations with your kids, but it is very smart of you to do so.

    • I am sorry that I have to have them and I am hopeful my children will not have to have them with their children. I do like that my kids don't like individual people who have done something wrong to them. They do not take out what one person did on everyone of that persons race, sex, religion. It makes me happy that they understand that every group of people has bad apples but most people are good people.

  • I heard about that today as well. I could not believe that this had happened. I live in Wisconsin and go to Minnesota often. It's scary to think of this happening often. Police need to get more educated.

    • It would be good to give the police continuing education on things that will help them be better at their jobs like we do with other professionals. It would help them be better at their jobs and help citizens feel safer and maybe live.

  • All of these stories are so tragic. I can't even imagine having to share them with my kids knowing that they *could* be next. So many say- oh well if they would have just listened to the cops but that is not the case. Even if you do everything right you could still be shot and that is horrible :(

    • Alicia, your last sentence is the scary part - you can do everything right and still be shot. That is truly scary.

  • I hadn't heard about this story! So heartbreaking. Condolences to his family... what a tragedy.

  • We don't really watch the news so my kids haven't heard a lot about what's going on out there. It's so sad the world we live in.

    • I am happy that you and your children don't have to pay attention to these things that are going on it the world. I am looking forward to the day my children and I can avoid watching the news and hearing about bad things like this because they don't apply directly to us. I am hopeful that day is coming.

  • I absolutely hate that this issue is even something that has to be discussed, period. Although I'm white, my boyfriend and father of my 2 children is black, and I worry for him every day he leaves home. It's a terrible reality the way police are treating those of colored skin, especially when it's absolutely unnecessary.

    • It is scary to worry if the person you love is going to make it home safely at the end of the day, not because of criminals, but because of police.

  • I heard this story when I woke up too and it made my heartache. It's not right, and it is not fair. I hate that I have to have these conversations about these events with my kids. None of us should have to talk to our toddlers and kids about being shot or what to do in these situations. The world is a really scary place.

    • It is sad that we still have to have these conversations. It is sad that these conversations have to be a part of conversations from the time children are young enough to understand directions and continue all their lives.

  • It is really sad this keeps happening in our country. It really is sad that discrimination still happens in our country and this day and age.

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