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Learn to Love to Read — 17 Comments

  1. My mom made reading such a priority in our house and I’ve done the same with my kiddos. We’ve read to them daily since they were babies!

  2. I love to read. However, my kids not so much. Though through school, they are required to read every day so there is that.

  3. I used to read a lot more when I was a kid. I wish I had time to read now!

  4. I strongly believe reading is so important. I can see how 20 minutes a day can do the trick.

  5. We all love to read in our house. Even the 5yr old who is new to reading can’t get enough!

  6. My oldest son is in Kindergarten and he loves to read everything he can get his hands on. He is such a smart kid, I am glad he shares my love for reading.

  7. I love reading. I think its a valuable skill/passion to have! I go to the library once a week myself!

  8. I agree with the 20 minutes Reading time per Day. Kids Today rarely do that .. it needs to be practiced more

  9. I am teacher and I have always taught my kids my own and the ones in the classroom, reading by example.

  10. I am a huge reader and after many, many months of pushing… my little man is finally as obsessed. I have to beg him to stop reading and turn off the lights at night to go to sleep…

  11. I am so glad that my love of reading has transferred to my kids. I can tell the difference.

  12. Reading is so relaxing and I love doing it right after or during lunch. I used to read with my kids every night!

  13. I love reading and instilled that in my kids as well when they were little. I think it’s so important.

  14. i love to read I’m addicted to it. I’ll Read everything including a cereal box.

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