• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

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If You Learn It, Prove It, Use It


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It is thrilling to realize that when you actually learn something, you put it to use. Recently, while doing some self-reflection, I wrote a list of things I learned while running my own business. It was an interesting list and included the following items:

• I dream and I dream big
• I TAN aka take action now and when I do I succeed
• I set goals I push to past them
• I want to see others succeed

I have never believed the expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Quite to the contrary, I believe you can learn something new every day if you try. Additionally, I believe that when you learn something, when you really learn something, you are able to put it into practice in your own life in some way in the future. As a result, I am not just satisfied with the list of things I learned. I want to go further and actually do something with the items, to put them to use in my real life. This will cement the knowledge in my brain so that I can truly count the lessons as learned and not go through the hard work of learning it again.


I dream and I dream big.

When I was a little girl and dreamed of what I would be like at thirty. I wanted to be married, a lawyer, a mother and own my own home. At age thirty I has achieved all those dreams and more. Time after time I have learned that I should dream big dreams because the little run of the mill dreams just don’t work for me. The church girl in me is always reminded that my Father is the King of Kings so nothing is impossible for me. Over the course of the past year, I was able to learn once again that I like to dream big dreams because dreams come true, all day every day.

I TAN aka take action now and when I do I succeed.

Every goal I have ever achieved came as a result of my making the decision to stop thinking and planning and starting to take action now. When I took action now, I was able to:

• Learn elementary HTML coding
• Move this blog from Blogger to WordPress
• Exceed page view goals for this blog
• Secure regular income from blog and related services
• Create fresh content an average of 6 days per week
• Help create a thriving community for women writers

The decision to take action now is what makes possible the impossible. Indeed it is the secret to my success. As a result, the lesson I was able to learn that I must act. I must stop talking, planning and thinking and start acting.


I set goals and I push past them.

At the beginning of the year, I made a few big but in a dream world, realistic and SMART goals to accomplish in my business by the end of the year. I was blessed and able to achieve those goals well before the end of the year. I remember the day I realized my goals were met. I cried tears of joy and felt quite fortunate and blessed. Then, I thought that I should set bigger goals for the next year. This year I am setting goals again. The difference is that I am setting two sets of goals. One set is a realistic set of goals. These are goals that I can achieve if I work hard and work smart throughout the year. The second set goals is a dream set of goals. These are goals that if I dreamed a big dream I would achieve. I am starting the new year and going for the big dream goal list.



I like to see others succeed.

I co-founded a blog and Facebook group called Pushing Lovely. It is a group designed to help women writers achieve their goals. Over the course of the past year I have seen these women become brand ambassadors, Disney Media moms, television spot regulars, blog once per month, start blogs, get married and many other things. As part of the group, we push, sometimes the pushes are figurative and sometimes they are literal. The key thing is that we push each other to reach our own individual goals. These woman are succeeding like crazy! It is a thrill for me to read about their successes. I get such a thrill when I am able to offer help, advice or a resource that will help someone in the group reach her goals. This year, I am going to be more resourceful, more helpful and more of a mentor in the group. I am going to do more to help other women succeed.

I am taking what I learned over the course of the last year and putting it into action. I will be using these lessons in my life to make life better, happier and more fulfilling over the course of the next year. In conclusion, it is thrilling to realize that when you actually learn something, you put it to use. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, what have you learned and how are you going to use it?